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FY 2013 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CSAP / SP-13-001

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SP019447-01 SHASTA COUNTY CHEMICAL PEOPLE, INC. Redding CA Cunningham Betty $47,250
1 SP019460-01 STUDENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES CORPORATION Tarrytown NY Mezey Judith $47,250
1 SP019472-01 CENTER PREVENTION AND COUNSELING Newton NJ Adolphe Barbara $47,260
1 SP019473-01 BESTCARE TREATMENT SERVICES, INC. Madras OR Puckett Mandi $47,250
1 SP019520-01 COUNCIL ON ALCOHOL AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE Geneseo NY Pena Rachel $47,220
1 SP019530-01 VILLAGE SOUTH, INC. Miami FL Scafidi Frank $47,250
1 SP019537-01 WINDHAM SOUTHWEST SUPERVISORY UNION Wilmington VT Hayford Cindy $47,250
1 SP019597-01 PERSONAL SOLUTIONS, INC. Bedford PA Housel Dawn $47,250
1 SP019620-01 COUNTY OF TOMPKINS Ithaca NY Hendrix Amie $48,258
1 SP019633-01 SHELBY COUNTY DRUG FREE COALITION Shelbyville IN Springer Lori $47,250
1 SP019672-01 PREVENTION WORKS, INC. Kalamazoo MI Winchester Carla $47,260
1 SP019673-01 FRANKLIN REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS Greenfield MA Stoler Rachel $47,250
1 SP019674-01 TOGETHER! Lacey WA Sullivan Meghan $47,260
1 SP019676-01 CHA LOW INCOME SERVICES Columbia MO Worley Ryan $47,250
1 SP019681-01 FOCUS ON COMMUNITY, INC. Racine WI McGuire Winkler Francie $47,250
1 SP019688-01 DRUG FREE NOBLE COUNTY Albion IN Calhoun Rebecca $47,250
1 SP019707-01 COOK COUNTY FAMILY CONNECTION, INC. Sparks GA Myers Zoe $47,250


Last updated: 11/19/13