Registration Requirements

To apply for a SAMHSA grant, your organization must have completed the following registrations: DUNS, SAM, and

Before You Apply, Register Your Organization

SAMHSA recommends that you begin the following registration processes as soon as you know you want to apply for a grant. These registrations can take up to four weeks.

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number

If your organization doesn’t have one, register for a free DUNS Number. This number is required for all organizations applying to the U.S. Federal Government for grants. Online registration takes one to two business days; if requested by phone, a DUNS number is provided immediately. will reject electronic submissions from applicants without a valid DUNS number.

System for Award Management (SAM)

SAM is the official U.S. Government system that aids in managing the federal awards process. After you register with SAM, you must update the information there every 12 months for your account to remain active. When you update your SAM record, it takes two to three days to complete the validation process. It may take an additional one to two days for to validate your SAM registration. will reject electronic submissions from applicants with expired SAM registrations.

To apply for a federal grant, complete the registration process. The Organization Registration Checklist (PDF | 104 KB) from provides registration guidance for a company, institution, state, local or tribal government, or other type of organization.

Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) Status and E-Business Point of Contact

Make sure the person submitting your application is properly registered with as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for the specific DUNS Number cited in your application.

If your organization is registered at, check your AOR status before you apply for a grant. Make sure that the AOR registered with is still with your organization. If you need to assign a new AOR, do so promptly. Not having an active AOR may prevent your application from being accepted by You may need to contact your organization’s E-Business Point of Contact, the person who can assign AOR roles.

Last Updated: 12/19/2013