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June 15, 2001

Application Information:

CMHS Cooperative Agreements to Develop a National Infrastructure for the Improvement of Treatment and Services for Children and Adolescents Who Experience Trauma

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. SM 01-008

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) announces the availability of FY 2001 funds for cooperative agreements to implement the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative (NCTSI). Its purpose is to improve treatment and services for all children and adolescents in the United States who have experienced traumatic events. A network of centers will be established to identify or develop effective treatments and services, collect clinical data on child trauma cases and services, develop resources on trauma for professionals, consumers, and the public, and develop trauma-focused public education and professional training and other field development activities. This GFA solicits applications in three distinct, but related programs. It is anticipated that one award will be made in Category I for the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, which will provide national leadership and focus. Up to five awards will be made in Category II for the Treatment/Services Development Program, which will provide expertise to improve and provide specific areas of child and adolescent trauma treatment and services. Up to 12 awards will be made in Category III for the Community Practice Program, which will assume primary responsibility for implementing effective treatment and service delivery approaches for child trauma in community and specialty service settings.

Receipt date: July 30, 2001

Click here to find announcement in the online Federal Register for June 15, 2001
SAMHSA applications consist of three parts:
1. "Part I-Programmatic Guidance" of the Guidance for Applicants (GFA) provides details about the specific program.

Click here to download Part I of this GFA in WordPerfect 6/7/8.

Click here to download Part I of this GFA in Adobe Acrobat.

2. "GFA Part II" gives standard provisions for SAMHSA applications.  However, not all GFAs require Part II.  The latest edition of Part II is always available by mail or for electronic downloading from this website. 

GFA Part II is required for this GFA; click here for more information and to download a copy of the file.

3. SAMHSA applications require forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.  These forms are available online from the Program Support Center of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 

Click here for to download Forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.


For further information on these forms and the application process, see the Assistance with Grant Applications section of this website.



For a complete application kit, including Parts I and II, Call the CMHS Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN):

  • 800-789-2647

  • 301-443-9006 TTY

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