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April 13, 2001

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CMHS Cooperative Agreements to Certify, Network, and Evaluate  

Crisis Programs that Offer Hotline Services

Guidance for Applicants (GFA) No. SM 01-010

These cooperative agreements are intended to improve and evaluate crisis hotlines. The overall purposes of this program are to: 1) increase the number of crisis programs offering hotline services that are certified in suicide prevention in the United States; 2) increase the number of crisis centers/hotlines certified in suicide prevention that are networked through a single, toll-free, nationwide number, utilizing telecommunications technology that links callers to their geographically nearest crisis center. It is expected that approximately 200-300 of these crisis centers will be certified and networked over the project period of the award (3 years) and 3) to coordinate, collect, and analyze data from crisis centers/hotlines in order to evaluate their effectiveness. This GFA solicits applications for two categories of cooperative agreements: Category I, Certification and Networking; and Category II, Client and Community-Centered Outcomes Evaluation. In Category I, the recipient must carry out the activities in each of the following three elements: 1) certification of crisis centers/hotlines, 3) networking certified hotline services, and 3) project evaluation. In Category II, the recipient must carry out activities in the design of data collection standards and in the collection and analysis of data and the production of a final outcomes report.

Receipt date: May 21, 2001 

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