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Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Community Action Grant for Service Systems Change

Request for Applications (RFA) No. SM03-007

Receipt date: July 8, 2003

SAMHSA’s Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) announces the availability of $1,000,000 in funding for Phase II Community Action Grants.  

Successful Phase I grantees may apply for one-year Phase II grants of up to $150,000 (direct and indirect).

The purpose of the Community Action Grant Program (CAG) is to promote the adoption of exemplary mental health practices in communities around the country. Community Action Grants support consensus building, infrastructure development, and training activities for the organization and delivery of services to children with serious emotional disturbance, adults with serious mental illness, and those with co-occurring substance disorders.

Phase I of the CAG program has supported the development of consensus among key stakeholders with the applicant communities or states to adopt an exemplary practice.  When consensus is achieved, grantees begin implementation of the practice. Consensus must be demonstrated through a process evaluation report, memoranda of understanding, funding plans and other documentation that demonstrate stakeholders’ firm commitment to adopt the practice.  Because of limited funding availability, no applications for Phase I grants will be accepted under this announcement in Fiscal 2003.

Phase II supports implementation through infrastructure development, training, program adaptation and evaluation.  Grant funds may be used to provide direct services (therapy, case management, or other interventions to service recipients) only in pilot efforts with a small group of participants in preparation for larger scale implementation. 

The two phases of the Community Action Grant operate in sequence to ensure that tested, effective, and documented exemplary practices attain the endorsement and support of the community before they are implemented.

Who can apply: Units of State or local governments, tribal governments and organizations, and domestic private nonprofit organizations such as community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, provider and consumer groups, universities, and health care organizations can apply for CAG. 

Because only Phase II grants will be awarded under this announcement, only former or current Community Action Grant Phase I grantees are eligible to apply for Phase II awards.  Please see the Project Narrative/Review Criteria Section A, Preconditions for further information.     

Est. Funds for FY 2003: $1,000,000

Est. No. of Awards: Six to seven awards will be made in FY 2003 under this announcement. Applications with proposed budgets that exceed total costs of $150,000 per year will be returned without review.

Project period: One year

Additional Information:

For questions on Community Action Grants, contact:

David Morrissette, DSW


5600 Fishers Lane, Room 11C-22

Rockville, MD, 20857

(301) 443-3653

E-Mail: dmorriss@samhsa.hhs.gov  

For questions on grants management issues, contact:

Stephen Hudak 

Division of Grants Management, OPS 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 

Rockwall II, 6th floor 

5600 Fishers Lane 

Rockville, MD 20857 

(301) 443-9666 

E-Mail: shudak@samhsa.hhs.gov

SAMHSA applications consist of three parts:
1. "Part I: Programmatic Guidance" of the Request for Applications (RFA) provides details about the specific program. 

Click here to download Part I of this RFA in Microsoft Word.

"Plain Language" format

Click here to download Part I of this RFA in Adobe Acrobat.

"Plain Language" format

2. "GFA Part II" gives standard provisions for SAMHSA applications.  However, not all RFAs require Part II.  The latest edition of Part II is always available by mail or for electronic downloading from this website. 

GFA Part II is required for this GFA; click here for more information and to download a copy of the file.

 3. SAMHSA applications require forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.  These forms are available online from the Program Support Center of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. 

Click here to download Forms PHS 5161 and SF-424.

4.  Locate your Single-State Mental Health Agency.


For further information on these forms and the application process, see Information on the Grant Application Process.


For a complete application kit, including Parts I and II, call SAMHSA's National Mental Health Information Center: 

  • 800-789-2647

  • 800-443-9006 TTY

  • 301-984-8796 FAX


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