Continuation Grants

Find instructions and forms for completing and submitting your SAMHSA continuation grant application.

Initial Announcement

SAMHSA is transitioning to the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) electronic Research Administration (eRA) grants system. Due to this transition, SAMHSA changed the continuation application submission for the following two programs:

  • TI-16-011 (TCE-HIV)
  • SM-16-008 (NCTSI-TSA)

These programs will offer training on eRA, including how to submit the continuation applications. Information on this training will be sent directly to the recipients in January 2017.

All other discretionary grant continuation applications must be submitted electronically through If you are eligible for a continuation grant, you'll receive a letter of notification via email to your designated business official.

Current Grant Recipients Information

Current grant recipients received the following letters containing information and instructions for accessing and submitting a continuation application:

Grant Program 2017 Budget Period Start Date Submission Deadline Funding Opportunity Number Continuation Letter
CMHS, CSAT, CSAP discretionary grant programs April, June, July, and August Jan. 9, 2017 SAMHSACONTINUATION2017 FY2017 Continuation Letter (April, June, July, and August start date) (PDF | 111 KB)
CMHS, CSAT, CSAP discretionary grant programs September Jan. 23, 2017 SAMHSACONTINUATION2017 FY2017 Continuation Letter (September Start Date) (PDF | 111 KB)
STOP Discretionary Program September Jan. 27, 2017 SAMHSASTOPCONT2017 FY17STOP Continuation Letter (PDF | 113 KB)
Drug Free Communities (DFC, DFC-M) September Jan. 27, 2017 SAMHSADFCCONT2017 FY2017 DFC Continuation Letter (PDF | 115 KB)

For more instructions on accessing your continuation package, please refer to Downloading Your SAMHSA Continuation Application Package from (PDF │ 3.1 MB)

Drug-free Communities (DFC) recipients should review the guidance for DFC and DFC Mentoring Continuation Grants

Supplementary Instructions

The Supplementary Instructions for the Continuation Application Package (PDF | 32 KB) provide specific information and instructions for completing and submitting a noncompeting continuation application package.

The following forms are required as part of the continuation application package:

Sample Budgets

Below are sample budgets that can be used to prepare your detailed budget and narrative justification:

Last Updated: 12/01/2016