Notice of Award (NoA)

SAMHSA issues a Notice of Award (NoA) to applicant organizations that have successfully completed the grant review process. This list of descriptions will help you understand the components of a NoA.


Effective June 1, 2014, all SAMHSA Notice of Awards (NoAs) will be electronically mailed to the current Business Official’s address identified on the HHS Checklist form submitted with the application.

Hard copies of the NoAs will no longer be mailed via postal service.

What is a NoA?

If SAMHSA approves your application for funding, you may receive by postal mail a Notice of Award (NoA); however, in the future, NoAs will be electronically mailed to the business official's address only. This is an official, legally binding document signed by a grants management officer (GMO).

The NoA highlights several important details that include the following:

  • The grantee and the approved program director
  • The federal share funding level and budget and project periods
  • The standard terms and conditions and information for reporting requirements

Components of a NoA

All NoAs follow a similar format, consisting of the following components.

Program Name

The title of the program under which federal funding is being awarded.

Center Information

SAMHSA's three Centers award grant funds to organizations that support efforts to improve substance use and mental health services in local communities.

Grant Number

The grant number is the unique identifier of the grant. The suffix indicates the current year of support. For example, -01 indicates the first year of support, and -02 indicates the second year of support.

Program Director

The individual designated by the grantee organization must have their level of effort, annual salary, position description, and resume approved by the GMO. This individual has the responsibility for the daily oversight of the program or project.

Grantee Address

Address information of the grantee organization.

Business Address

SAMHSA will send the NoA to this address.

Budget Period

The interval of time (usually a 12-month budget period) that a project period is divided into for budgetary and funding purposes.

Project Period

The total time SAMHSA has programmatically approved a federal project for federal support. This does not constitute a commitment by the federal government to fund the entire project period. Each budget period within the project period is subject to the availability of funds and satisfactory progress of the project or program.

Dear Grantee

The organization awarded a grant or cooperative agreement by SAMHSA is responsible and accountable for the use of the federal funds provided for the performance of the grant-supported project or activity. The grantee (also known as federal grant recipient) is legally responsible and accountable to SAMHSA for the performance and financial aspects of the grant-supported project or activities.

Grant Synopsis

Information includes the amount of the award for the stated budget period, the award recipient, and any applicable legislation and regulations.

Grant Acceptance

By drawing down funds from the Payment Management System (PMS), grantees acknowledge acceptance of the grant and compliance with the terms and conditions and other policies, rules, and regulations.

Award Calculation (U.S. Dollars)

SAMHSA funds an organization to carry out a project or activities, based on approved application and budget or progress reports.

Summary Totals for All Years

The amount of funding that a grantee may request in each continuation year of the award, if funds are available and the grantee complies with the terms of the award.

Section II

Information about:

  • The PMS, the mechanism for drawing grant funds
  • The Office of Inspector General, the agency to contact to report fraud, waste, and abuse of federal funds

Section III

A briefing on the "order of precedence" that explains the laws and regulations that govern the award. It is the grantee's responsibility to know and follow the rules and regulations in this section. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in enforcement actions, up to and including termination of the award.

Section IV

A listing of the special, program-specific and/or grants management budget and compliance issues and standard terms and conditions of the award. Drawing down funds through the PMS is an acknowledgement of acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions in the NoA.

SAMHSA Contact Information

A listing of the contact information for the program official/government project officer and the grants management specialist assigned to the grant.

Last Updated: 06/18/2014