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Minority Fellowship Program

40 Years of support for
Health professionals
The purpose of the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) is to reduce health disparities and improve health care outcomes of racially and ethnically diverse populations by increasing the number of culturally competent behavioral health professionals available to underserved populations in the public and private nonprofit sectors. The MFP closely aligns with the Affordable Care Act and SAMHSA’s Eight Strategic Initiatives by addressing the current and projected behavioral health workforce shortages and the need to train providers on recovery-based practices. About 120 MFP Fellows are trained in an average year.
About the Minority Fellowship Program
MFP Alumni in Action
Become an MFP Fellow

Participation in the SAMHSA MFP is administered through the following professional associations. Follow the links below or download a copy of the MFP brochure for more information on how to apply for an MFP Fellowship.

The MFP Coordinating Center