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Date: January 25 , 2006
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SAMHSA Launches Partners for Recovery Website

Site offers news and resources on recovery


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) today announced the launch of a website dedicated to the advancement of prevention, treatment and recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.  The new Partners for Recovery website,, facilitates communication and resource-sharing for organizations and groups that help individuals and families achieve and maintain recovery. 

The Partners for Recovery (PFR) website features news and documents on recovery, collaboration, stigma reduction, workforce development and leadership development.  These topics have been identified by national leaders as the most important and compelling issues for the growth and advancement of treatment and recovery across the country, and further SAMHSA’s mission to build resilience and facilitate recovery for people with or at risk for alcohol and drug problems and mental illness.

Examples of resources available on the PFR website include:  a Know Your Rights brochure for people in treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug problems; presentations on challenges and issues facing the addictions treatment workforce; papers on developing leadership within the addiction treatment field; and state and federal resources on developing recovery-oriented systems of care.  The website also invites individuals, organizations and states working on recovery, stigma reduction, workforce development and leadership development issues in addiction prevention, treatment and mental health to share information about these activities so they can be made available more broadly through the website.

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