National Prevention Week 2017

Toolkit for Planning Your Event

National Prevention Week in May is the perfect opportunity to remind your community about substance abuse prevention and mental health before the summer begins.

By hosting an event that ties into National Prevention Week in your community, you can increase awareness about the prevention of substance abuse and mental disorders, and kick off the summer season in a way that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

There are endless ways to bring National Prevention Week to your community. Check out National Prevention Week Event Ideas (PDF | 766 KB) that can help you brainstorm events you'd like to host and cost-saving strategies.

Be sure to incorporate the National Prevention Week Prevention Pledge and "I Choose" Project into your event. Join others in spreading the message that prevention works!

Your event planning can also go beyond National Prevention Week and align with other SAMHSA observances such as:

Want to be inspired by other communities' events for National Prevention Week? Visit the Community Events page to learn about events communities across the United States have held during National Prevention Week in years past.


Tell SAMHSA about your event!

Please provide the following information to SAMHSA's National Prevention Week Coordinator, David Wilson, at, and SAMHSA will post your event information on the National Prevention Week Events page.

  • Your organization's name and website address
  • A brief description of your event(s)
  • Topics addressed by the event
  • Target audience(s)
  • Date and time
  • Venue name and address
Last Updated: 08/17/2015