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Cross-Sector Dialogue Meetings

In 1997, SAMHSA hosted the first of a series of dialogue meetings for mental health consumers and representatives from other groups to promote recovery and improve services. Consistent with SAMHSA's focus on integrated behavioral health services, more recent dialogues have included peers in addiction recovery along with mental health consumers - in dialogue with each other or, together as a unified recovery community, in dialogue with other stakeholders. The dialogue meetings have led to positive outcomes, including advances in collaboration, product development, training initiatives, and technical assistance.

People in Recovery from Addictions and Mental Health Problems in Dialogue [PDF | 981 KB]
In August 2010, SAMHSA convened a dialogue meeting to provide a forum for those with lived experience to consider a unified definition of recovery that would capture the essential experiences of individuals recovering from addictions and/or mental health problems and to articulate a set of principles to guide the design of integrated and holistic recovery support services. The meeting report describes the process and outcomes of this dialogue between people in recovery from addictions and mental health conditions. The recovery definition and guiding principles drafted at this ground-breaking dialogue meeting laid the groundwork for SAMHSA's year-long effort to develop a working definition of recovery and guiding principles.

Advancing Recovery Opportunities for LBGT Populations [PDF | 1.9 KB]
SAMHSA's June 2011 dialogue meeting focused on promoting recovery opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations. Participants in the dialogue discussed ways to enhance partnerships among LGBT people in recovery and described elements at the individual and system level that can promote or hinder LBGT individuals in their pathways recovery. The meeting report entitled, Building Bridges-LGBT Populations: A Dialogue on Advancing Opportunities for Recovery from Addictions and Mental Health Problems, provides a summary of the discussions and recommendations.

Veterans and the Media [PDF | 835 KB]
In July 2012, SAMHSA convened dialogue meeting on ways to improve the appropriateness and quality of media coverage for veterans with behavioral health conditions. Participants included veterans in recovery along with representatives of peer- run veteran organizations, organizational media specialists, representatives of the criminal justice system, nationally recognized researchers, policy makers, and veteran advocates. The meeting report created by this group includes a tool kit to guide members of the media on how to collaborate with veterans to develop positive portrayals of veterans in the media.

Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Dialogue: Similarities and Differences [PDF | 424 KB]
In September 2012, SAMHSA joined with the Faces and Voices of Recovery and The Coalition for Mental Health Recovery to host a dialogue meeting to further the understanding of recovery from mental use and substance abuse disorders. Dialogue meeting participants identified key similarities and differences between the mental health and addiction recovery movements and communities. The meeting report from this dialogue meeting includes a variety of ideas for collaboration between and among the various communities of recovery.

Psychopharmacology in Behavioral Healthcare: Multidisciplinary Stakeholders in Dialogue [PDF | 984 KB]
SAMHSA's October 2012 dialogue meeting brought together an expert panel of diverse stakeholders to share their perspectives and expertise on the use of medications in behavioral healthcare. The meeting report from this group- comprised of individuals with behavioral health conditions who chose not to use medication in their recovery, practitioners, researchers, academic experts, advocates, and policy makers- includes practice guidelines for the safe and effective use of medications in behavioral healthcare.


Last updated: 04/14/2014