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Factors Associated With Employment for Mental Health Consumers

Bonnie Kirsh


Research on work for people with psychiatric disabilities has typically examined the relationship of clinical variables to employment, and few conclusions have been reached. This study shifts the focus of inquiry to include environmental as well as individual variables. An analysis was carried out on the relationship of four variables to employment: empowerment, social support, organizational culture/climate and person/environment fit. Thirty-six consumers (N = 36) were recruited into one of two groups: (1) consumers who were employed in integrated settings (n = 17) and (2) consumers who had recently left their jobs (n = 19). Data analysis revealed significant group differences along the dimensions of organizational climate and person/environment fit. Results point to the importance of considering workplace climate and its congruence with individuals' value systems in promoting positive vocational outcomes.

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Contributed on 6/30/2010

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