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Teaching Recovery-Oriented Practices in Public Psychiatry Fellowships

Jules Ranz, M.D., and Stephanie LeMelle, M.D.


The Columbia University Public Psychiatry Fellowship has been training public psychiatrists since 1981. Throughout this time, the fellowship faculty has closely followed changes in the field, and the fellowship training program has reflected these changes. Starting in the mid-1980s, psychosocial rehabilitation was presented as the core conceptual model underlying the practices of public psychiatry. To emphasize this concept, the entire didactic curriculum was based on principles of psychosocial rehabilitation. More recently, as the President's New Freedom Commission in 2003 promoted the concept of recovery, the entire curriculum has been refocused to promote recovery-oriented practices (ROP), starting with a discussion of the similarities and differences between psychosocial rehabilitation and ROP.

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Contributed on 10/10/2012

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