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SAMHSA News - May/June 2005, Volume 13, Number 3

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The most up-to-date information relating to substance abuse treatment is now easily accessible online. SAMHSA's Office of Applied Studies (OAS) has created a new "Quick Statistics" Web site that presents state- and jurisdiction-level profiles for both the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) and the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS).

Using Quick Statistics, researchers, policy analysts, and Federal and state substance abuse program planners and managers can access data on admissions to substance abuse treatment and to treatment facilities. From N-SSATS and TEDS, data are available for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. N-SSATS data also include four additional U.S. territories—the Virgin Islands, Guam, Palau, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

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TEDS is a compilation of data on the demographic and substance abuse characteristics of persons who are admitted to and discharged from substance abuse treatment for a given year. For each year in which TEDS data have been compiled, Quick Statistics produces summary tables of admissions by primary substance of abuse and demographic characteristics—sex, age group, race, and ethnicity. Tables can be run for individual states and for all states combined.

A useful feature of TEDS Quick Statistics is that it provides access to as yet unpublished data for individual states for the most recent calendar year. Because some states report data to TEDS as late as the end of the year (following the admission year), there is typically a lag of 2 years before a complete year of data for all states can be compiled for analysis and publication.

With TEDS Quick Statistics, however, preliminary data are available for individual states that submit their data early. Currently, 2003 data are available for many states and 2004 data for a few states. Because data for the total United States can only be assembled after all states have reported to TEDS, these data are not yet available for 2003 or 2004.

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N-SSATS is an annual survey of all known public and private substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States, the District of Columbia, and the five U.S. territories. N-SSATS collects information on location, characteristics, treatment services offered, and utilization of treatment services. Like TEDS, data from the N-SSATS can be analyzed at both the state and national level. Currently, N-SSATS Quick Statistics includes data from the 2002 and 2003 surveys.

Additional TEDS and N-SSATS data are available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA) in the form of additional online analyses and public use files. SAMHDA information can be accessed at www.icpsr.umich.

To access the OAS short report on Quick Statistics, visit SAMHSA's Web site at www.oas.samhsa.gov/2k5/Quick/
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To Access TEDS and N-SSATS Quick Statistics

Step 1: Go to wwwdasis.samhsa.gov/webt/
and select the state/jurisdiction of interest or select "United States."

Step 2: Select "National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) or Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)."

Step 3: Select the year of data that interests you from a drop-down menu. Each year must be run separately.

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SAMHSA News - May/June 2005, Volume 13, Number 3

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