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SAMHSA News - Volume XI, Number 2, Spring 2003

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SAMHSA Creates Resources for Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

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Adolescent Treatment Sites and Models

SAMHSA'S Adolescent Treatment Models project evaluated promising programs at 10 sites.

  • EMPACT-SPC of Phoenix, AZ; Chestnut Health Systems of Bloomington, IL; and Epoch Counseling Center of Catonsville, MD, tested outpatient substance abuse treatment. The Village, Inc., in Miami, FL, evaluated outpatient family therapy.
  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center in Baltimore, MD, examined a short-term, intensive inpatient treatment program.
  • The Four Corners Regional Adolescent Center in Shiprock, NM, tested a moderate-term residential program aimed at American Indian youth.
  • CODAC Behavioral Health Services in Tucson, AZ, looked at a moderate-term "step-down" program in which adolescents move from residential treatment to intensive outpatient treatment to outpatient treatment.
  • The Phoenix Academy in Los Angeles and Thunder Road in Oakland, CA, evaluated modified therapeutic community treatment programs. Dynamic Youth Community, Inc., in Brooklyn, NY, looked at a model combining a modified therapeutic community and a step-down approach.End of Article

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    SAMHSA News - Volume XI, Number 2, Spring 2003

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