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SAMHSA News - Volume X, No. 2, Spring 2002

Helping Children Exposed to Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, and Violence

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The Skills-Building Intervention

All group sessions conform to a detailed curriculum. The succession of subjects is as follows:
Introduction: Orientation Session
Week 1: Getting to Know Each Other/It's Okay To Feel and Express Feelings
Week 2: What Hands Can Do/What Is Abuse
Week 3: Anger
Week 4: It's Not Always Happy at My House/Substance Abuse
Week 5: Sharing Personal Experiences About Violence
Week 6: Touch
Week 7: Assertiveness
Week 8: Protection Planning
Week 9: Review and Goodbye
Booster Session 1: Review of "What Hands Can Do" from Week 2
Booster Session 2: Review of "Safety Protection Plan" from Week 8

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