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SAMHSA News - July/August 2007, Volume 15, Number 4

Ready for Recovery Month?

September is fast approaching, and with it comes SAMHSA’s 18th annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month observance.

Communities around the country are preparing for recovery walks, special events, town proclamations, and various other activities. Are you ready?

Here’s a reminder checklist to help:

  • Place your media advisory in newspaper columns at least a week ahead of time to promote upcoming events and attract more attention.

  • Place a Recovery Month radio public service announcement (PSA). Call local stations to find out the contact information of the person in charge of PSAs or public campaigns.

  • Organize a community panel. This group could include people in recovery, public officials, local health care providers, and justice system representatives.

  • Reserve a backup venue if your event is outdoors. If you plan a rain date, make sure all attendees, speakers, and media know when and where the event will occur if it is rescheduled.

  • Contact national and local Recovery Month planning partners to collaborate with your organization. A list of potential contacts is included in the toolkit.

  • Download new promotional packages containing video clips and PowerPoint presentations from the Recovery Month Web site.

  • Give your event even more publicity by posting it on the Recovery Month Web site and listing the time, location, and a description. Also, crosscheck your event with others locally and nationally.

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