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SAMHSA News - July/August 2007, Volume 15, Number 4

Grants: Looking Ahead to 2008

Potential grant applicants are receiving an early look at 2008 SAMHSA grant opportunities through a new funding forecast from the Agency.

SAMHSA Anticipated FY 2008 Funding Opportunities “At A Glance” provides a list of the programs under which SAMHSA expects to invite applications for new awards in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008.

The information in the forecast’s easy-to-read chart is based on the President’s FY 2008 budget request. (See SAMHSA News online, March/April 2007.) Therefore, this funding information is tentative and preliminary.

Final grant funding and application information will not be available until SAMHSA receives its FY 2008 appropriation.

Potential grantees should continue to check the SAMHSA Grants Web page in order to view official requests for grant applications. SAMHSA News also will provide information on funding opportunities, as they become available.

Programs from all three SAMHSA Centers—the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, and the Center for Mental Health Services—are represented in the forecasting chart. For each program, the user-friendly chart provides estimated funding, number and size of awards, a program description, eligibility restrictions, contact information for the corresponding project officer, and target publication date.

Potential 2008 grants that are listed on the forecast’s chart fall under various SAMHSA programs, including suicide prevention; screening, brief intervention, referral and treatment (SBIRT); treatment drug courts; and targeted capacity expansion for substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS services programs.

Official, individual grant announcements will be published throughout the year.

The SAMHSA Anticipated FY 2008 Funding Opportunities “At A Glance” chart is available on SAMHSA’s Web site at

To view a related publication on the grant application process—Developing Competitive SAMHSA Grant Applications—and to access helpful information on funding opportunities, visit the SAMHSA Grants Web page at For all Federal grants, visit

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