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Suicide Prevention

Find organizations, fact sheets, and toolkits to help you develop suicide prevention programs within tribal communities.

Learn about organizations that support suicide prevention efforts within tribal communities and throughout the nation. Materials on suicide prevention are also available.

Suicide Prevention Organizations

The American Indian Institute at the University of Oklahoma provides links to materials, services, and prevention programs throughout Indian Country.

Turtle Island Native Network information about healing and wellness highlights wellness programs in place throughout Indian Country.

The State of Alaska Suicide Prevention website provides information on suicide, mental health, and related issues among Alaskans. The website also includes a graph comparing suicide rates among Alaska Natives, Non-Natives, and the general population.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) information about American Indians and Alaska Natives educates people working to prevent suicide and promote wellness in Native communities. The Center also helps people find programs and practices that address risk and protective factors.

Suicide Prevention Fact Sheets

Featured resource: Suicide Among American Indians and Alaska Natives – 2013 from SPRC provides information on suicide and risk and protective factors among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Suicide Facts at a Glance – 2015 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an overview of suicide-related data, including facts on disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Suicide Prevention Manuals and Toolkits

Featured resource: To Live To See the Great Day That Dawns: Preventing Suicide by American Indian and Alaska Native Youth helps tribes develop effective and culturally appropriate suicide prevention plans.

Ensuring the Seventh Generation: A Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Tribal Child Welfare Programs – 2009 from SPRC aims to help caregivers of tribal children take active roles in suicide prevention.

The Northwest Suicide Prevention Tribal Action Plan – 2009 at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (PDF | 443 KB) provides an example of an action plan for reducing suicide rates among American Indians and Alaska Natives by increasing tribal capacity and improving collaboration.

Suicide Prevention Research

An American Indian and Alaska Native Suicide Prevention Hotline: Literature Review and Discussion with Experts – 2009 from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation explores the effectiveness of suicide prevention hotlines, attitudes toward hotline use, and the experiences of experts in American Indian and Alaska Native suicide prevention.

Cultural Considerations in Adolescent Suicide Prevention and Psychosocial Treatment – 2009 at PubMed Central examines the cultural context of suicidal behavior among adolescents from different ethnic groups, and what this means for suicide prevention and treatment.

Towards the Development of a Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy: A Summary Report on the 2009 Community Consultations at Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated summarizes community consultations on the development of a territorial suicide prevention strategy.

Traditional Healing and Suicide Prevention in Native American Communities: Research and Policy Considerations — 2006 at (PDF | 92 KB) explores the integration of traditional healing in suicide prevention research.

Learn more about SAMHSA’s suicide prevention efforts.

Last Updated: 10/07/2016