2015 call for nominations. Nominate Now for SAMHSA's 2015 Voice Awards

Voice Awards Nominations

Submit nominations now for the Voice Awards 10th anniversary program.

Submit Nominations

Join SAMHSA’s Voice Awards program in recognizing those whose work and personal stories of resilience educate the public about behavioral health.

Nominations are open to anyone. You may submit as many nominations as you wish, and self-nominations are welcome.

All nominations are due by Friday, April 10.

Consumer/Peer Leader Nominations

If you know of a consumer/peer leader who has made outstanding contributions in educating the public about behavioral health, please nominate that person for a 2015 Voice Award.

Specifically, the awards program is seeking to recognize individuals who have:

  • Personally demonstrated that recovery is real and possible
  • Led efforts to reduce the discrimination and misperceptions associated with behavioral health conditions
  • Made a positive impact on communities, workplaces, or schools

The Voice Awards program broadly defines “consumer/peer leader” as a person who has received or is receiving services for a mental and/or substance use disorder.

Television and Film Production Nominations

If you know of a television or film production that includes a dignified, respectful, and accurate portrayal of people with mental and/or substance use disorders, please nominate it for a 2015 Voice Award.

Eligible productions should emphasize the positive journey of recovery from behavioral health conditions. The production must have publicly aired after April 15, 2014.

Suicide Prevention Theme

The Voice Awards 10th anniversary program will also spotlight how suicide impacts individuals, families, and communities, as well as its link to behavioral health.

Consumer/peer leader nominees who are working to improve public awareness about and reduce suicides and suicide attempts will receive special consideration.

Television and film production nominees that sensitively portray stories of people who have considered, attempted, or completed suicide will also receive special consideration. However, the stories should not romanticize suicide, idealize those who complete it, or expose viewers to graphic or sensationalistic specifics of suicidal behavior.

Last Updated: 06/05/2015