2016 voice awards

Nominate Television and Film Productions

Nominations are no longer being accepted for the 2016 Voice Awards.

Television and film productions that included a dignified, respectful, and accurate portrayal of people with mental and/or substance use disorders were eligible for the 2016 Voice Awards.

Nominated productions should have emphasized the positive journey of recovery from these conditions and must have aired in a public setting after April 15, 2015.

This year, special consideration was given to film and television productions that portray the positive impact that family members can have on their loved one’s path to recovery.

What Makes a Good Voice Awards Nomination?

The spirit of the Voice Awards program is to be dignified, accurate, and respectful. While people with mental and/or substance use disorders face a variety of challenges, they also have a range of talents that make communities stronger. The Voice Awards celebrates this by honoring those who use their extremely visible, influential, and powerful platform—television and film—to make sure this reality reaches the public.

For serious consideration by the Voice Awards judges, productions nominated in the television and film category should portray:

  • Experiences that convey people with mental and/or substance use disorders’ struggles with housing, employment, and community acceptance
  • True representations of symptoms and disorders
  • The potential for and journey of recovery
  • A sense of hope and optimism

If you’re still not sure whether a production you’re considering nominating will pass the test, ask yourself if it embodies an aspect, or aspects, of SAMHSA’s tagline:

Behavioral health is essential to health. Prevention works. Treatment is effective. People recover.

Last Updated: 06/14/2016