2016 Voice Awards Event

The 2016 Voice Awards event will take place on August 10, 2016, at UCLA's Royce Hall.

Strengthening Families Through Hope and Help

For the past 11 years, the Voice Awards, a program of SAMHSA, has helped improve the nation's views and knowledge about mental health and addiction issues.

It does this by recognizing exemplary television and film productions that raise public awareness, as well as community leaders whose work demonstrates that recovery from mental health conditions and addictions is not only possible, but is taking place every day.

The Voice Awards help bring mental health and addictions out of the shadows, but there are still many stories that we can spotlight.

In 2016, the Voice Awards will focus on the role that family support—between parents, children, spouses/partners, siblings, and other close family relationships—plays in inspiring hope and resilience for people experiencing a mental and/or substance use disorder.

Special consideration will be given to Voice Award nominees that highlight the importance of meaningful family support in all aspects of prevention, treatment and recovery.

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Last Updated: 04/21/2016