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SAMHSA Interim Strategic Plan

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The SAMHSA Interim Strategic Plan provides a roadmap to carry out the vision and mission of SAMHSA over the next four years.

  • In order to achieve its mission, SAMHSA has identified five priority areas to better meet the behavioral health care needs of individuals, communities, and service providers. The five priority areas are:

    • Preventing Overdose
    • Enhancing Access to Suicide Prevention and Crisis Care
    • Promoting Resilience and Emotional Health for Children, Youth and Families
    • Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health Care
    • Strengthening the Behavioral Health Workforce

    SAMHSA’s work is guided by four core principles that are being infused throughout the Agency’s activities. The four core principles are:

    • Equity
    • Trauma-Informed Approaches
    • Recovery
    • Commitment to Data and Evidence
  • Read the Interim Strategic Plan

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    This Interim Strategic Plan presents SAMHSA’s new mission and vision that emphasize a more person-centered approach, and briefly describes the agency’s priorities and principles.

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