Admitted Interns

Expectations for admitted interns.

SAMHSA Interns

Students selected as SAMHSA interns gain real-life experience working at SAMHSA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. For fifteen weeks (40 hours per week), each intern will be able to work under the guidance of a SAMHSA manager in a SAMHSA department whose function closely matches their course of study and field of interest.

Expectations of Interns

SAMHSA strives to maintain a pleasant, efficient, and professional work environment that fosters cooperation and understanding. SAMHSA's workplace policies are designed to create an environment where all staff, including interns and members of the public, are treated respectfully and with consideration.

All staff, including interns, work 40 hours a week, fulfill their assigned tasks, present a professional appearance at all times, and behave in a manner that will not discredit the agency or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. SAMHSA may drop interns from the program because of security reasons or intern misconduct.

Last Updated: 09/15/2017