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Anne M. Herron

Director of the Office of Intergovernmental and Public Affairs (OIPA)

The activities of the Office include establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with Federal, State, Tribal, and community health providers in order to disseminate SAMHSA resources and to inform the development of SAMHSA policy and program. The Office engages in liaison work in such areas as: disaster and emergency management; service members, veterans and military families; tobacco and health; financing and regulatory affairs; policy coordination of block grants; and management of SAMHSA’s National Advisory Councils. In addition, duties include the leadership of the Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy, the Office of Behavioral Health Equity; and International Global Health and territorial affairs. The Office is responsible for the overall direction and management of SAMHSA’s 10 Regional Offices located across the country in the 10 HHS Regions, offering consultation and a local resource for the range of public and behavioral health stakeholders.

Prior to this position, Anne has served in a variety of positions within SAMHSA during her 18 years with the agency including Director of the Division of State and Community Assistance; Director of the Office of Program and Policy Innovation; Acting Director of the Office of Communication and Acting Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

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