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Kris Engdall

Regional Behavioral Health Advisor, Region 6

Kris Engdall is an Army Veteran and a public health advocate with just under a decade of experience as a respiratory therapist, specializing in neonatal resuscitation and addressing respiratory health challenges among Alaskan Native populations. His journey in public health began with a childhood exposed to chronic illnesses, igniting a passion for making a meaningful impact in his community. Kris has dedicated his career to instilling positive change and fostering healthy outcomes in underserved populations, drawing upon his diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to public health initiatives. Throughout his tenure, he has actively engaged in community outreach programs, educational campaigns, and health promotion initiatives aimed at improving health literacy.

During his service in the U.S. Army stationed overseas in Germany, Kris played a pivotal role in responding to global health crises. Serving within the Army's medical corps, he was actively involved in setting up Ebola outbreak wards within the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, demonstrating his dedication to combating infectious diseases on a global scale. This experience overseas provided him with invaluable insights into crisis response and preparedness, reinforcing his commitment to public health resilience and emergency preparedness efforts both domestically and abroad. His role extended beyond clinical duties as he worked closely with multidisciplinary teams to develop comprehensive strategies for infection control, patient care, and community outreach. Kris’ leadership and expertise were instrumental in coordinating logistics, training personnel, and implementing protocols to effectively manage and contain the spread of infectious diseases, highlighting his capacity to navigate complex public health challenges with efficiency and compassion.

On the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kris served as a neonatal resuscitation respiratory therapist, providing critical care and support to newborns and their families. He demonstrated resilience and adaptability, while also addressing the mental health challenges that came with COVID-19. He saw first-hand the social and emotional effect COVID-19 had on the children and families he treated, as well as the colleagues working alongside him trying to mitigate the spread of the virus. Aligning with his role in respiratory therapy, Kris brings a wealth of experience in working closely with Alaskan Native communities to combat tuberculosis and other respiratory health issues, showcasing his dedication to public health, and addressing health disparities.

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