Office of Management, Technology, and Operations

The Office of Management, Technology, and Operations oversees and supports SAMHSA needs.

The Office of Management, Technology, and Operations (OMTO):

  • Works in partnership with SAMHSA and the Department of Health and Human Services to manage, provide leadership, and ensure SAMHSA's needs are met, including:
    • Administrative services
    • Human resources management
    • Equal employment opportunity
    • Organizational development and analysis
    • Information technology
  • Provides leadership in developing policies for the analysis, performance measurement, and improvement of SAMHSA’s administrative and management systems
  • Provides leadership, guidance, and technical expertise for SAMHSA’s information technology program
  • Provides integrated administrative services for SAMHSA
  • Provides integrated staff assistance and office automation services for SAMHSA

Contact Information

Office of Management, Technology, and Operations
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20857


Office of the Director

Division of Management Services

  • Angie Titcombe, Director

Human Capital and Business Management Branch

  • Paul Rodriguez, Chief

Human Resources Liaison and Data Branch

  • Adriana Medina-Perez, Chief

Division of Operational Support

  • Christine Cichetti, Director

Building, Logistics and Telecommunications Branch

  • Jeff DeSanto, Chief

Administrative Operations Branch

  • Sabrina Posley, Chief

Division of Technology Management

  • Ammar Ahmad, Acting Director/CIO
Last Updated: 09/15/2017