Addressing Serious Mental Illness: Effective Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Strategies

SAMHSA is pleased to sponsor and announce four webinar series, jointly entitled, "Addressing Serious Mental Illness (SMI): Effective Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Strategies."

The webinars in the four series will be delivered May–August 2015 by the partners in the Mental Health Block Grant Coalition, which has been developed and sponsored by SAMHSA. Each series will describe new and emerging practices across a variety of mental health services, and will explore the types of outcomes sought for different approaches, how these approaches are financed, and provide state and local examples.

Registration is free. Closed captioning is available.

  • The Peer Webinar Series will focus on peer related issues such as a recovery oriented workforce, strategies for effective supervision, crisis service providers, and the varying roles of peers.
  • The Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Webinar Series will focus on how the mental health community can help with transition plans for the new HCBS regulations and implementing self-directed care.
  • The Children's Webinar Series will focus on children’s related issues such as evidence-based practices and early interventions for children with SMI, expanding first episode psychosis programs and organizational approaches to effective trauma-informed services.
  • The Criminal Justice Webinar Series will focus on issues including forensic assertive community treatment, addressing the needs of people with SMI, and strengthening partnerships with county jails and community service providers.

Mental Health Block Grant Coalition

The Coalition impacts thousands of Americans by delivering web-based training and technical assistance on a range of policy issues to multiple stakeholders in state and local behavioral health systems centered on promoting/enhancing the Mental HealthBlock Grant.

Last Updated: 05/12/2015