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OBHE utilizes federal and community data to identify, monitor, and respond to behavioral health disparities.

The Compendium of Federal Datasets Addressing Health Disparities (PDF | 4 MB) The Compendium of Federal Datasets Addressing Health Disparities, a compilation of information on health equity data, is a resource for exploring data related to socioeconomic factors and social determinants of health. The data compiled in this document provide a one-stop shop for understanding the landscape of over 250 federal datasets related to health equity, and ultimately, can help to shape and inform the development of effective programs, policies, and practices.

Reports and Spotlights

Marijuana Use Disorder Infographic

  • Racial/Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Service Use among Adults This chart book reports estimates of mental health service use among adults in the United States within different racial and ethnic groups. Highlights include past year use of mental health service, use of prescription psychiatric medication, and use of outpatient and inpatient mental health service.
Last Updated: 03/24/2020