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Worksheet: Revisiting Membership

This tool presents questions you can ask yourself or others on your team to facilitate a discussion about membership. Please note: you will need to print out this worksheet in order to complete it.

T/TA Tools 2018
Collaboration Reduces Health Disparities Experienced by Guam’s LGBT Youth

Learn how by collaborating with schools and community partners, Guam’s Alternative Lifestyles Association (GALA) educates youth in healthy lifestyles—and promotes a spirit of inclusion.

Grantee Stories 2018
What is Naloxone?

This short animation depicts how Naloxone, an opioid overdose-reversal medication, works in the body.

Videos 2018
Non-Traditional Partners Help Pennsylvania Reduce Access to Prescription Opioids

Learn how prevention practitioners joined forces with realtors and funeral directors in Blair County, Pennsylvania to prevent opioid misuse.

Grantee Stories 2018
Partnerships Strengthen Faith-based Prevention in Kentucky

By focusing on shared values and building personal connections, Kentucky has created a unique prevention enhancement site dedicated exclusively to collaborating with faith-based communities.

Grantee Stories 2018
Identifying and Selecting Evidence-Based Interventions

This tool is designed to help state and community planners apply SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to identify and select evidence-based interventions that address local needs and reduce substance misuse issues.

T/TA Tools 2018
Vermont Doctors and Pharmacists Partner to Address Opioid Misuse

Learn how a Brattleboro prevention coalition is fostering collaboration between doctors and pharmacists to reduce high rates of opioid misuse in Vermont.

Grantee Stories 2018
Preventing Substance Misuse in Rural Settings

This tool offers prevention practitioners a foundation for understanding the burden of substance misuse in rural settings and strategies for designing and implementing successful prevention programming in a rural environment.

T/TA Tools 2018
The Intersection of Opioid Abuse, Overdose, and Suicide: The Role of Chronic Pain

The second in a two-part series, this webinar examines common characteristics among people with chronic pain and discusses strategies for reducing the risk of opioid overdose and suicide in this population.

Archived Webinars 2018
Tools From Epidemiological Workgroups Help Communities Harness the Power of Data

Learn how resources from state epidemiological workgroups help prevention practitioners apply the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to their efforts.

Grantee Stories 2018
Kids Like Us Supports School Children Exposed to Substance Misuse

In Maryland, a grassroots program teams up with Frederick County public schools to address adverse childhood experiences.

Grantee Stories 2018
How Are We Doing? Evaluating Your Collaboration

This tool presents some considerations for evaluating your collaboration, common functions to evaluate, and examples of instruments that measure these functions.

T/TA Tools 2018
Online Tools to Keep Your Collaboration Ticking

This resource briefly describes some of the user-friendly tools currently available to help your team function more efficiently.


T/TA Tools 2018
Activity: Aligning Goals and Activities

This activity can help teams assess the degree to which member activities align with the collaboration’s overall purpose and goals.

T/TA Tools 2018
Are Members Satisfied?

Regular assessments of member satisfaction can help collaborating partners increase member engagement, improve group cohesion, and refine group processes and procedures. This tool offers some questions you may want to include in a satisfaction assessment.

T/TA Tools 2018
Tips for Healthy Collaborations

Successful collaboration requires careful maintenance and occasional compromise. This tool presents some tips for keeping your collaboration healthy over time.

T/TA Tools 2018
Starting Strong: The Importance of Getting an Early Win

Discover the importance of early-win projects and how they can help keep your partners engaged for the long road ahead.

T/TA Tools 2018
Managing Coalition Dynamics

To support leaders in managing group dynamics, this tool offers an overview of four stages of group development, accompanied by tips for maximizing productivity and achieving long-term success.

T/TA Tools 2018
Worksheet: Effective Social Media Planning

This worksheet presents important questions to consider prior to establishing a professional social media presence.

T/TA Tools 2018
Using Social Media to Facilitate Collaboration

This tool offers an introduction to the role that social media can play in building and growing public health collaborations.

T/TA Tools 2018