Grantee Stories

The following are real-world experiences and strategies shared by recipients of SAMHSA’s prevention grants and grantee services. These stories illustrate how Applying the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to program planning led to successful prevention efforts in their state, tribe, or jurisdiction.

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U.S. Virgin Islands Partner with CAPT to Strengthen Local Data Collection Efforts

CAPT training and technical assistance helped the U.S. Virgin Islands strengthen local data collection and use it to address prevention priorities.

SAMHSA Contract Collaboration Supports Epidemiological Workgroups

CAPT and State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroups (SEOW) work together to help practitioners understand and use data in their prevention efforts.

Readiness Assessments Help Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders’ Council Promote Prevention Services

Learn how assessing community resources and readiness helped Montana-Wyoming tribal leaders promote prevention services targeting underage drinking.

If You Find Data Daunting, SAMHSA's CAPT Can Help

Learn how CAPT helps practitioners apply epidemiological and other data sets toward prevention program priorities.

CAPT Peer-Sharing Calls Foster Grantee Collaboration

Learn how CAPT fosters collaboration among Partnerships for Success (PFS) grantees through peer-sharing calls to discuss emerging prevention issues.

CAPT Partners with New York to Support Use of Media in Prevention Efforts

CAPT partnered with New York State practitioners to support the use of media in a prevention effort that sought widespread change.

CAPT Partners with Iowa SPF SIG to Support Local-Level Sustainability Planning

To help Iowa SPF SIG recipients sustain prevention gains, CAPT provided training and technical assistance in developing sustainability plans.

CAPT Evaluation Technical Assistance Helps STEPS Expand Its Reach

Learn how CAPT evaluation technical assistance helped the STEPS program reduce alcohol misuse among college students and expand its reach into other areas.

Bringing Youth on Board: SAMHSA’s CAPT Prepares Montana for Meaningful Youth Involvement

Learn how CAPT helped a Montana grantee launch prevention efforts that included meaningful youth involvement.

‘Risk Scales’ Help Washington State Prioritize Prevention Funding

Learn how Washington state is collecting and analyzing data to develop “risk scales” that prioritize the distribution of substance misuse prevention funding.

State-based T/TA Systems Advance Prevention Sustainability

Learn how building state-based training and technical assistance (T/TA) systems advance the sustainability of prevention programs and outcomes.

Mississippi’s SmartTrack Survey Enhances Agency Collaboration

Learn how Mississippi’s SmartTrack survey on youth substance misuse strengthened prevention collaboration among its many stakeholders.

Iowa’s Data Task Group Strengthens Data Collection at the Local Level

Learn how a task group from Iowa's state epidemiological outcomes workgroup (SEOW) strengthened data collection at the local level.

Shining a Light on “Hidden” and “Hard-to-Reach” Populations

Learn how collecting epidemiological data helps prevention professionals assess the behavioral health needs of hidden and hard-to-reach populations.