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CAPT’s recorded webinars offer strategies and guidance for substance misuse prevention professionals.

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Prevention Collaboration in Action: CAPT Virtual Guided Tour

This webinar introduced the CAPT’s newest online tool—Prevention Collaboration in Action.

Increasing Cultural Competency to Reduce Health Disparities: Approaches for Communities

This webinar was designed to help local-level substance abuse prevention practitioners identify and address health disparities in their communities, and to understand the role of cultural competence as a stepping stone in doing so.

Increasing Cultural Competency to Reduce Health Disparities: Approaches for States, Tribes, and Jurisdictions

This recorded webinar explores the relationship of cultural competence to health disparities, highlighting the importance of applying cultural competent approaches to preventing substance misuse and abuse in our most vulnerable populations.

Prevention Messaging In Action: Stories from the Field

This webinar examined the nuts and bolts of developing an effective prevention pitch by engaging participants in an interactive case study designed to highlight key considerations for communicating effectively.

Making the Pitch: Crafting Messages for Key Stakeholders that Engage and Excite!

This webinar explores ways to craft and tailor prevention messages so they resonate with diverse stakeholders, drawing on best practice from the research literature.

Preventing Substance Use Disorders among College and “Non-College” 18- to 25-Year-Olds: Young Adults in the Workplace – Session One

Gain insight into how prevention professionals have collaborated with employers in prevention efforts targeted at working young adults.

Enhancing the Structure and Function of State/Tribe Epidemiological Workgroups: Session Two

Learn strategies to keep epidemiological workgroup members active and engaged.

Enhancing the Structure and Function of State/Tribe Epidemiological Workgroups: Session One

Learn the basics of building an epidemiological workgroup and get tips for success from experienced workgroup members.

Mobilizing Partnerships and Resources to Address Substance Abuse and Suicide

Mobilizing partnerships and resources helps prevention professionals work across disciplines to address substance misuse and suicide.

Understanding the Connection Between Suicide and Substance Abuse: What the Research Tells Us

This webinar is the first of a two-part series that examines current research findings on the connection between suicide and substance misuse.

Improving the Behavioral Health of Boys and Young Men of Color: Addressing Data Challenges

This webinar discusses the prevalence of health disparities among boys and young men of color and how programs can strengthen their protective factors.

Prevention in the Context of Primary Care: Opportunities for Collaboration

The Prevention in the Context of Primary Care webinar offers collaborative intervention strategies for reducing substance misuse among adolescents.

What’s the Prescription? Strategies and Interventions to Prevent the Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

This webinar is the second of a two-part series that explores the nonmedical use of prescription drugs and the implementation of evidence-based strategies.

Beyond the Warning Label: Identifying and Prioritizing Risk and Protective Factors for Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

The Beyond the Warning Label webinar can help you learn how to assess the risk and protective factors for the non-medical use of prescription drugs.