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Aligning Substance Abuse Prevention with Mental Health and Primary Care

Gain strategies for how prevention professionals can work with mental health and primary care providers and raise awareness of why prevention matters.

Videos 2012
Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Basics

Learn about the history of prevention, key concepts and definitions, and specific drug effects—and get a glimpse of the effects of substance use and addiction on the brain.

Online Courses 2012
Prevention in Michigan: Sharing Data Across Systems

Learn how an effort to share data across Michigan’s multiple data systems helped prevention professionals identify priorities and plan and implement programs.

Videos 2012
Prevention in the Marshall Islands: The Role of Tradition

In the Marshall Islands, prevention leaders are tapping cultural practices, knowledge, and skills to address a growing substance use problem.

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Data-driven Decision-making in South Carolina

Steve Burritt, an evaluator for South Carolina’s Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG), describes lessons learned from data assessment.

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Prevention in Massachusetts: Following the Data

Learn how Massachusetts applied the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to conduct a statewide needs assessment and identify prevention priorities.

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Prevention in Alaska: Seeing the Whole Picture

Learn how improved data collection in Alaska and a focus on preventing underage drinking and alcohol use disorders are impacting prevention efforts.

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Prevention in Colorado: The Impact of the Strategic Prevention Framework

Learn how applying SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to assess needs and evaluate outcomes has impacted prevention planning in Colorado.

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Providing Behavioral Health Services Across the Continuum

Comprehensive, bilingual behavioral health services for Spanish-speaking adults and youth resulted in effective prevention and intervention programs.

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Prevention in Alaska: Addressing the Impact of Alcohol Use on Other Areas of Behavioral Health

Alaska prevention official L. Diane Casto discusses the state’s efforts to focus on the behavioral health impacts of alcohol use that are often overlooked.

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Incorporating Prevention Into Mental Health Settings

Health journalist Dr. Michael T. Compton discusses how setting common goals helps mental health and prevention professionals work together in the same setting.

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SUMN.ORG: Accessing Data the Minnesota Way!

Learn about Minnesota’s public warehouse of substance use data known as

Videos 2012
Does it Pay to Invest in Training and Technical Assistance?

Evaluator Paul Florin presents findings from the evaluation of Rhode Island’s Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG).

Videos 2012
Building Prevention Capacity Through Collaboration

Learn how building prevention capacity through collaboration can improve behavioral health and increase program sustainability.

Videos 2012
Evidence-based Prevention: The New York State of Mind

New York State prevention official Barry Donovan describes his state’s efforts to ensure that its funded providers implement evidence-based programming.

Videos 2012
Training and Technical Assistance in New York State: The Value of a Regional Approach

Learn how New York successfully delivers training and technical assistance services across a large and diverse state.

Videos 2012
Prevention in the Wake of Disaster

Leslie Brougham Freeman, a Louisiana prevention official, describes the impact of recent natural disasters on the state's prevention activities and practitioner roles.

Videos 2012
Prevention in South Carolina: Overcoming Challenges

Discover how South Carolina identified underage drinking and alcohol-related accidents as prevention priorities and succeeded in overcoming those challenges.

Videos 2012
Prevention in South Carolina: Building Capacity through Coaching

South Carolina official Michelle Nienhaus discusses the state’s use of regional capacity coaches to provide training and technical assistance to grantees.

Videos 2012
Prevention in Kentucky: Laying the Foundation for Ongoing Collaboration

Connie Smith, a Kentucky prevention official, describes how the state’s 14 regional prevention centers are working together to reduce underage drinking.

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