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Wisconsin’s Dose of Reality Media Campaign Warns Residents about Prescription Drug Misuse

Wisconsin’s Departments of Health Services and Justice teamed up to design and deliver a statewide media campaign to prevent prescription drug misuse.

Grantee Stories 2017
Preventing Opioid Misuse and Overdose: Data Sources and Tools to Inform Assessment and Planning Efforts

Presents a list of 16 key data sources for prescription opioids and heroin to inform assessment and planning efforts.

T/TA Tools 2017
Collaborating to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Overdose: Eliminating Silos

This Prevention Conversations video explores some of the reasons why today’s opioid crisis requires prevention practitioners to collaborate with new partners, in new ways.

Videos 2018
South Carolina Partners with Law Enforcement on Naloxone Program

State prevention leaders joined forces with local police departments to create an effective naloxone training, distribution, and monitoring program.

Grantee Stories 2017
Opioid Use in the Older Adult Population

Provides a sampling of information resources that address opioids and older adults.

T/TA Tools 2017
The Role of Prevention in Addressing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

This webinar will explore the current evidence for what drives neonatal abstinence syndrome and what works to prevent it.

Archived Webinars 2017
Preventing Opioid Overdose in Massachusetts: Adopting a “Cluster” Model

This Prevention Conversations video explores how Massachusetts instituted a unique funding model that requires communities to collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders.

Videos 2018
MO-HOPE Expands Naloxone Training and Distribution in Eastern Missouri

Missouri developed a flexible naloxone training and distribution program that addresses the concerns of multiple audiences.

Grantee Stories 2018
CAPT Resources to Prevent the Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs, Opioid Misuse, and Opioid Overdose

This tool provides a compilation of resources to support the prevention of opioid misuse, including the non-medical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) and heroin use.



T/TA Tools 2017
Getting the Message Right! Considerations for Media Campaigns to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Overdose

This archived webinar presents key steps for developing and implementing a successful campaign to prevent NMUPD/opioid overdose, with an emphasis on developing non-stigmatizing prevention messages.

Archived Webinars 2017
Reducing Health Disparities in Ohio: Implementing a “Wrap-Around” Approach

This Prevention Conversations video describes how Ohio is supporting communities who may not yet be prepared to implement the state’s PFS grants.

Videos 2018
Preventing Youth Marijuana Use: Factors Associated with Use

This CAPT decision-support tool offers a summary of research findings on risk and protective factors associated with youth marijuana use.

T/TA Tools 2017
The Role of Law Enforcement in Preventing Substance Misuse on College Campuses

This webinar explores the unique role of law enforcement in a comprehensive approach to substance misuse prevention on college campuses, as well as opportunities for collaborating with local and campus police.

Archived Webinars 2017
Prevention in Ohio: The Importance of Building Relationships

This Prevention Conversations video highlights the importance of building relationships and establishing trust.

Videos 2018
Preventing Youth Marijuana Use: Programs and Strategies

This CAPT decision-support tool presents detailed descriptions of substance misuse prevention strategies and associated interventions that have been evaluated to determine their effects on youth marijuana use.

T/TA Tools 2017
A Critical Look at Intergenerational Trauma and Substance Misuse: Implications for Prevention

This webinar offers an introduction to intergenerational trauma and its link to substance misuse, and explores ways for prevention practitioners to support and implement trauma-informed prevention approaches.

Archived Webinars 2018
Seeing the Whole Elephant: The Critical Role of Collaboration in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

This Prevention Conversations video describes how agencies from across the state of Illinois have come together to address the opioid crisis in a coordinated and comprehensive way.

Videos 2018
Preventing Youth Marijuana Use: Data Resources

This CAPT decision-support tool offers a comprehensive listing of available data resources and surveys developed by and for a range of federal agencies and that collect data on marijuana use and its consequences.

T/TA Tools 2017
Collaborating to Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse and Overdose: A State-Level Perspective

This webinar examines the value of collaborating with diverse partners as a strategy for expanding the reach, and deepening the impact, of activities to prevent prescription drug misuse and overdose.

Archived Webinars 2018
Addiction as a Disease—Not a Moral Failure

This Prevention Conversations video explores the nature of addiction and society’s attitudes toward people with substance use disorders.

Videos 2018