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Ohio Partners Work Together to Reduce the Flow of Prescribed Opiates

Learn about how the Ohio Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team created opioid prescribing guidelines to reduce opioid misuse in Ohio.

Grantee Stories 2017
Nevada’s State-Tribal Partnership Thrives

Learn how Nevada prevention practitioners built a thriving state-tribal partnership with its 27 federally recognized tribes based on dialogue and data sharing.

Grantee Stories 2015
‘Risk Scales’ Help Washington State Prioritize Prevention Funding

Learn how Washington state is collecting and analyzing data to develop “risk scales” that prioritize the distribution of substance misuse prevention funding.

Grantee Stories 2015
Rural Tekoa, Washington Paves Its Own Way to Prevent Opioid Misuse

Despite limited resources, a small town in Washington state rallies community partners around prevention.

Grantee Stories 2017
CAPT Webinar Series Helps to Align Substance Use and Suicide Prevention

This two-part webinar helps prevention professionals understand connections between substance use and suicide and strategies for aligning prevention efforts.

Grantee Stories 2015
Bringing Youth on Board: SAMHSA’s CAPT Prepares Montana for Meaningful Youth Involvement

Learn how CAPT helped a Montana grantee launch prevention efforts that included meaningful youth involvement.

Grantee Stories 2015
Wisconsin’s Dose of Reality Media Campaign Warns Residents about Prescription Drug Misuse

Wisconsin’s Departments of Health Services and Justice teamed up to design and deliver a statewide media campaign to prevent prescription drug misuse.

Grantee Stories 2017
CAPT Webinars Help Practitioners Implement Environmental Prevention Strategies

Webinars on how to select and implement environmental strategies guide prevention professionals in using these approaches to create healthier environments.

Grantee Stories 2015
CAPT Evaluation Technical Assistance Helps STEPS Expand Its Reach

Learn how CAPT evaluation technical assistance helped the STEPS program reduce alcohol misuse among college students and expand its reach into other areas.

Grantee Stories 2015
South Carolina Partners with Law Enforcement on Naloxone Program

State prevention leaders joined forces with local police departments to create an effective naloxone training, distribution, and monitoring program.

Grantee Stories 2017
Air Force Reserve Command’s Partnership with SAMHSA’s CAPT Yields Long-Term Results

Training Air Force Reserve Command personnel on substance abuse prevention strategies resulted in expanded prevention services and improved sustainability.

Grantee Stories 2015
CAPT Partners with Iowa SPF SIG to Support Local-Level Sustainability Planning

To help Iowa SPF SIG recipients sustain prevention gains, CAPT provided training and technical assistance in developing sustainability plans.

Grantee Stories 2015
MO-HOPE Expands Naloxone Training and Distribution in Eastern Missouri

Missouri developed a flexible naloxone training and distribution program that addresses the concerns of multiple audiences.

Grantee Stories 2018
CAPT Trains Minnesota Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists to Engage Diverse Communities

As minority populations grow, prevention professionals in Minnesota are tailoring substance misuse programs with cultural competence in mind.

Grantee Stories 2015
CAPT Partners with New York to Support Use of Media in Prevention Efforts

CAPT partnered with New York State practitioners to support the use of media in a prevention effort that sought widespread change.

Grantee Stories 2015
Gathering of Native Americans Builds Resiliency Among Native Youth in the Bay Area

Since 2001, the Native American Health Center has delivered the GONA curriculum to more than 800 urban native youth.

Grantee Stories 2018
CAPT Webinars and Tools Help Practitioners Reduce Behavioral Health Disparities

New CAPT services and tools highlight the impact of behavioral health disparities on substance use and their prevention, and the role of cultural and linguistic competency in promoting health equity.

Grantee Stories 2015
CAPT Peer-Sharing Calls Foster Grantee Collaboration

Learn how CAPT fosters collaboration among Partnerships for Success (PFS) grantees through peer-sharing calls to discuss emerging prevention issues.

Grantee Stories 2015
Kids Like Us Supports School Children Exposed to Substance Misuse

In Maryland, a grassroots program teams up with Frederick County public schools to address adverse childhood experiences.

Grantee Stories 2018
New Prevention Collaboration in Action Toolkit Features Stories of Success

This introduction to Prevention Collaboration in Action, the CAPT’s new online tool, features quotes from developers and direct links to the tool.

Grantee Stories 2016