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Sources of Data on Substance Use and Misuse Among Boys and Young Men of Color

This practice-support tool provides a quick overview of national, state, and local data sources and tools that provide substance-related indicator data for this population.

T/TA Tools 2016
Positive Approaches to Preventing Substance Use and Misuse Among Boys and Young Men of Color: Programs and Strategies At-a-Glance

This practice-support tool provides summaries of interventions that help young people develop abilities and attitudes necessary to succeed and thrive.

T/TA Tools 2016
Ensuring the Well-being of Boys and Young Men of Color: Factors that Promote Success and Protect Against Substance Use and Misuse

This practice-support tool distills research on substance use and misuse in boys and young men of color as well as factors promoting positive youth development. 

T/TA Tools 2016
Executive Summary: Main Findings on Protective Factors and Programs

Access the executive summary overview of protective factors associated with substance use and misuse, and strategies that have been shown to be effective in addressing these factors among boys and young men of color.

T/TA Tools 2016