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Center for Financing Reform & Innovation (CFRI)


Learn about behavioral health financing mechanisms, options, and innovations through CFRI reports and webinars.

What is CFRI?

What is CFRI?

The Center for Financing Reform and Innovation (CFRI) is a SAMHSA contract that seeks to understand financing mechanisms of behavioral health care to identify opportunities, innovations, and challenges to service delivery and access. CFRI provides SAMHSA with a dynamic mechanism to further its leadership and the field on immediate and relevant behavioral health financing and delivery issues.

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In addition, CFRI provides information and analysis to address changes in the organization and financing of behavioral health care as well as guidance on the most effective and efficient use of available resources to meet the prevention, treatment, and recovery support needs of the American public.

What’s New

Financing Peer Recovery Support: Opportunities to Enhance the Substance Use Disorder Workforce
This report provides background history of the development of Peer Recovery (PR), including an overview of the current landscape of PR Programs. This report also provides a description of the variation in peer recovery rates, supervision, credentialing, and substance use disorder vs mental health.

Examining the Use of Braided Funding for Substance Use Disorder Services
This report looks at state and federal laws and policies that encourage braided funding to provide substance use disorder services, best practices for braiding funds, and pathways to sustainability for substance use disorder programs.

Medicaid Coverage of Medications to Reverse Opioid Overdose and Treat Alcohol and Opioid Use Disorders
This report provides an update on the present state of coverage, availability of, and access to, medications for treating ongoing alcohol use disorder (AUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) and reversing an opioid overdose within state Medicaid plans. It also includes examples of innovative efforts to increase access to medications for the treatment of SUDs.

Exploring Value-Based Payment for Substance Use Disorder Services in the United States 
This report and webinar explore the use of Value-Based Payment (VBP) models and their potential to improve delivery of integrated and coordinated substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services.

Coordinated Specialty Care for First Episode Psychosis: Costs and Financing Strategies
This report includes data on the cost of CSC programs; how they are financed; case studies of cost reimbursement methodologies; funding options; trends in costs and financing for CSCs; and data evaluation of Medicaid and private insurance coverage and barriers.

BestPractices4Data series

Upcoming Reports & Webinars

BestPractices4Data Series

Date & Time: June 6, 2 p.m. ET

The BestPractices4Data series focuses on sharing innovations and best practices for grantees, from grantees. Developed from listening sessions with grantees and government project offices about strategies grantees use to optimize data collection processes, SAMHSA is releasing a series of six issue briefs along with hosting a webinar. The series of issue briefs aims to improve efficiency in the use of grant funds by providing opportunities for grantees to learn from each other. The briefs identify best practices that help reduce costs associated with resource-intensive trial and error attempts typical of new grantees who are trying to figure out the best ways to collect data. Topics for the six issue briefs include:

  • Analyze Data to Measure Progress and Tell Your Agency Story
  • Establish Data Protocols to Optimize Data Collection
  • Hire Effectively for Data Roles
  • Incorporate Technology for Data Collection and Reporting
  • Manage Data Collection for Multiple SAMHSA Grants
  • Understand Unique Data Concern When Working with Tribes
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Additional Financing, Payment, and Innovative Resources

Additional Financing, Payment, and Innovative Resources

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