Caring for Every Child's Mental Health

Education Video Short and Conversation Starter

Start a conversation in your school system about supporting students’ mental health and improving access to services.

Use the Education: Awareness Day 2016 Video Short (10 minutes) to start conversations about how systems of care and school systems can work together to help students access mental health supports.

Intended audiences for this video include:

  • Families and caregivers. The video gives examples of how families and caregivers can work with school systems.
  • Youth. Youth can discuss how schools interact with students who have behavioral health challenges and ways to make school-based mental health services more youth-driven.
  • School policy decision makers. The video introduces the idea of partnerships with school systems and school administrators.
  • School staff members. Teachers, counselors, and other staff members can learn how to identify students who may need help.

Discussion Questions

  1. What signs may indicate that a student is experiencing a mental health condition in the school setting?
  2. How can we assist the students in our community, like Brendan in the video, to feel supported regarding their mental health within the school system?
  3. What roles should teachers, aids, counselors, bus drivers, school board members, cafeteria workers, and principals have in supporting students in terms of their social and emotional wellbeing?
  4. How have the principals and school board members addressed the need for mental health resources in your school?
  5. Many family members, like Hugh in the video, can experience frustration as they advocate for their children with mental disorders. How can these caregivers be supported?
  6. How can we create awareness of the resources and training available to teachers and school staff that can help identify signs of a child experiencing a mental health challenge in the classroom?
Last Updated: 09/28/2017