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2017 Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach Recognition Program Finalists

Learn about the 2017 Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach (ECCO) Recognition Program finalists.

Category: Audience – Parents and Caregivers

Madison Cares poster announces the Arise Concert Series and has four young adults jumping for joy.

Madison School District - Madison Cares, ID:
Madison Cares designed a comprehensive and user-friendly website including information about its organization, resources, and contact information so that any caregiver or youth visiting the website can get answers, make connections, and feel more confident and hopeful in their journey. The website also helps those in crisis find somewhere to turn.

Photos of children and families collecting information and handouts during the Rural Children’s Initiative’s “Stand up and Soar for Children’s Mental Health” event

The Florida Department of Children and Families, FL: I Know You Love Me...But
The Florida Department of Children and Families developed a short video titled "I Know You Love Me...But" for parents and caregivers of youth and young adults with mental and/or substance use disorders. The video features youth in recovery explaining the importance of maintaining an open line of communication with loved ones experiencing a substance use disorder or mental health issue, and the positive impact it can have in their recovery process.

Brochure of 12 things to expect/ GRIT banner

Community Family Partnership, MI: The Grit Team
Community Family Partnership established The Grit Team to engage, equip, and involve all parents and caregivers within the system of care. The team’s motto is “passion with a long-term purpose with perseverance,” and its members are determined to make services and supports better for youth and families.

Child Wellness Passport

Chautauqua Tapestry, NY: Developmental Passport
Chautauqua Tapestry created a tool called the “Developmental Passport,” which utilizes a booklet and smartphone application to assist caregivers and parents in keeping track of a child’s developmental milestones and health care information in one place. The Developmental Passport improves overall access to care by keeping track of a child’s health information in a convenient place where all important information can be preserved.

Category: Audience – Children, Youth, and Young Adults

Child with Autism holding poster

Project Laulima in partnership with Hawaii Youth Services Network, HI: Take a Stand, Lend a Hand: Hawaii’s Bullying Prevention Video

Project Laulima, in partnership with Hawaii Youth Services Network and with the help of youth and young adults, created “Take a Stand, Lend a Hand: Hawaii’s Bullying Prevention Video.” The video reflects Hawaii’s multicultural landscape and seeks to increase dialogue about bullying and promote social inclusion.

Young Adults Playing Basketball

Community Family Partnership, MI: Agency Basketball League

Community Family Partnership created the Agency Basketball League to give youth enrolled in Community Family Partnership (or a partnering social service agency and/or an alternative school) an opportunity to play organized sports. The youth, coached by individuals who have an understanding of mental health issues, play to the best of their ability and are taught based on their individual learning styles.

Guam Volunteers

Para I Famagu’on/iCareGuam, Guam: “Current Mood”

As part of their ongoing efforts to create a mental health curriculum and presentation for schools, iCareGuam designed “mood items” that serve as teaching tools, while also leaving a lasting impression of their brand in a fun, memorable way. Each item comes with an overall message; stress balls, for example, have “Change is in your hands” printed on them. The saying serves as a reminder that community members have the ability to change the way they approach mental health, as well as the way they treat those who have mental health issues.

BC Youth Voice Banner

HELPing BC-SCORES, PA: HELPing BC-SCORES Youth Ambassador Program

HELPing BC SCORES implemented a Youth Ambassador Program to foster awareness and understanding of mental health issues in five local school districts. Students ranging between ages 13 and 21 designed T-shirts and wristbands promoting the initiative’s hashtag, #bcyouthvoice. The student ambassadors each took what they learned back to their home districts to launch student-driven activities.

Start With Hello Banner

Madison School District–Madison Cares, ID: Start With Hello—Rexburg

Madison Cares implemented a campaign called “Start With Hello” in all of their schools, focusing on children and youth in grades K–12. The Start With Hello campaign, launched by Sandy Hook Promise in 2016, emphasizes the importance of social inclusion and how to recognize social isolation. Students take part in activities that reinforce skills and are encouraged by educators, parents, and other community leaders to take practical steps in class, the lunchroom, and on the bus to be inclusive and connected to their peers.

Jason Wang Speaking to youth group

Texas System of Care, TX: Rio Grande Valley Anti-Stigma Campaign

Texas System of Care designed the “Rio Grande Valley Anti-Stigma Campaign” to promote messages of resiliency, hope, and social inclusion for youth and families that have interacted with the juvenile justice system. Jason Wang, a former incarcerated youth, served as a spokesperson for the campaign.

Category: Audience – Professionals

Young adults having discussion

The Florida Department of Children and Families, FL: The Recovery We Deserve

The Florida Department of Children and Families developed a short and informative video, “The Recovery We Deserve,” intended for professionals who encounter and treat youth and young adults with behavioral health issues. The state’s lead parent organization worked directly with youth who have experience with mental and/or substance use disorders to write the video script, bringing to light the treatment and support options that positively impacted their recovery.

Man working at computer

Oklahoma Systems of Care, OK: Oklahoma Systems of Care eLearning: Wraparound 101 Course

The Oklahoma Systems of Care (OKSOC) Wraparound eLearning course provides statewide training and continuing professional development to wraparound facilitators, children’s behavioral health providers, and child-serving agency staff via an online platform that was not previously offered in the state. The eLearning course offers meaningful interactions for learners, promotes and fosters fidelity to OKSOC Wraparound, and reduces travel costs and staff time away from work.

Youth Award Winners

BECOMING, NC: Breaking the Cycle

BECOMING created a video for professionals, including agency decision-makers and elected officials, to help them better understand the vision of BECOMING and its accomplishments. The video demonstrates why and how professionals’ respective communities could adapt system of care values and principles.

Kids Dressed for School

Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, MI: Connections System of Care Annual Report to the Community

Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority hosted an event called “Annual Report to the Community” to highlight and celebrate the system of care’s outcomes, as well as inform attendees of the services available within the community. Event attendees included professionals within the community mental health, juvenile justice, education, human services, law enforcement, and public health fields.

The Ripple Effect flyer

Partnership for Child Health/Jacksonville System of Care Initiative, FL: The Ripple Effect—Northeast Florida

Mental Health Awareness Awards and Banquet

The Partnership for Child Health hosted an awards banquet called “The Ripple Effect.” Youth M.O.V.E. planned and emceed the event, where they recognized and honored the hard work and commitment of Jacksonville community members, professionals, and elected officials who have made substantial contributions to the mental health community in Northeast Florida.

Dads with babies

Project ABC–Los Angeles, CA: Still Face with Dads

Project ABC–Los Angeles developed a video, “Still Face with Dads,” to raise awareness about the impact of father absence and encourage fathers to be active in the care of their babies. Specifically, the video is used in transdisciplinary settings and with system of care partners, policymakers, and parents as a training, treatment, and discussion tool.

Category: Audience – Internal Constituents

Community Family Partnership progress note

Community Family Partnership, MI: Quarterly CFP Progress Note

Community Family Partnership created the Quarterly CFP Progress Note newsletter to engage constituents of Community Family Partnership. The newsletter provides a space to post articles, information, flyers, and success stories, and connects staff who may not be able to interface in person.

Child Assistance Team Meetings

Madison School District–Madison Cares, ID: Madison Cares—Child Assistance Team Meetings

Madison Cares organized Child Assistance Team Meetings to open lines of communication internally within their school district and with students’ parents or caregivers. The meetings strive to identify students in need of help and collaborate in planning an intervention to help the student succeed.

Texas youth mental health services statistics

Texas System of Care, TX: Texas System of Care Data Dashboard

Texas System of Care created a data dashboard that brings together Texas data on the mental health of children and adolescents from a variety of sources to assist constituents in making data-driven decisions. The dashboard provides easy-to-understand data and is available on the Texas System of Care website.

Help me don't judge me banner

One Community Partnership 2–Broward County, FL: “Help me! Don’t judge me!—Lessons in Cultural Competency”

One Community Partnership 2 created a series of videos about the enhanced National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Health and Health Care as an innovative way to educate providers, community, and family members. The videos use engaging skits based on real-life experiences of youth and families in Broward County.

Category: Strategy – National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day (Awareness Day)

Wellness Day Poster

One Community Partnership 2–Broward County, FL: Mental Health Awareness Day Event: “OCP2 1st Annual Wellness Day”

One Community Partnership 2 coordinated and hosted OCP2 1stAnnual Wellness Day to bring awareness to youth’s mental health and recognize the resilience of youth in recovery. The event included wellness-oriented activities through different forms of art, spoken word, outdoor activities, performances, and celebration of successes.

Youth Film Screen Change

Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration, CA: Directing Change Youth Film Contest

Humboldt County Transition Age Youth Collaboration teamed with Humboldt County DHHS Public Health Educators and local organizations to host a free “Red Carpet” film screening of locally created youth films submitted to the Directing Change Youth Film Contest.

Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Texas System of Care, TX: Superheroes for Hope

Texas System of Care hosted “Superheroes for Hope,” a superhero-themed Awareness Day event. The event included a rally at the Capitol, a 1-mile march, and a partner resource fair to increase awareness and support for children’s mental health.

Be A hero for children's health poster

Bexar CARES System of Care, TX: Be a Hero for Children’s Mental Health!

Bexar CARES System of Care developed a commercial called “Be a Hero for Children’s Mental Health!” The commercial featured several leaders from San Antonio and was featured in four local theaters throughout May 2016.

Category: Strategy – Overall Communications Campaign

Mental Illness banner

One Community Partnership 2–Broward County, FL: “Wellness Is Up to Me!”—Stigma Reduction Campaign

One Community Partnership 2 developed and implemented a campaign, “Wellness Is Up to Me!” to reduce misperceptions around mental health issues and promote wellness. One Community Partnership 2 collaborated with youth, young adults, and their families to develop authentic messages and use relevant tactics to reach other youth and families facing behavioral health issues.

"Drop the Stigma" banner

Texas System of Care, TX: Drop the Stigma

Texas System of Care, in collaboration with a marketing agency and a focus group, developed the “Drop the Stigma” campaign to reduce misperceptions of mental health issues among African-American adolescent males. The system of care developed and disseminated print materials to youth-serving conferences and sites and shared digital media on the campaign website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yo Soy Spanish Banner

BECOMING, NC: Breaking the Cycle

BECOMING created a documentary-style video that focuses on the stories of youth and their families and demonstrates why systems of care are important for the young adult population. The video also demonstrates how a system of care like BECOMING could work in the community.

Up 2 You Mental Health Festival banner

Community Family Partnership, MI: UP2U Mental Health Campaign

Community Family Partnership created and implemented the UP2U Mental Health Campaign, which utilized social media, print materials, Mental Health First Aid, and community resource booths to address discrimination around mental health issues, particularly in minority groups.

Center of Excellence banner

Children, Youth and Families Department–Behavioral Health Services, NM: New Mexico’s Wraparound Video

New Mexico’s Communities of Care created a video to simplify concepts associated with the Wraparound model. In the video, Wraparound experts, as well as parents, caregivers, and clinicians, speak to their Wraparound experiences and the benefits of the program.

Category: Strategy – Communications/Social Marketing Planning

CFP Communications Plan Document

Community Family Partnership, MI: Communications Plan

Community Family Partnership (CFP) developed a communications plan to act as a guiding document for all of the system of care’s messaging efforts, strategies, channels, and more. The dynamic document ensures CFP stays on task to accomplish its goals and maps out the best ways to accomplish them.

Madison Care Social Media Plan

Madison School District–Madison Cares, ID: MC Social Marketing Logic Model

Madison Care’s Social Marketing Logic Model is intertwined with its community plan, and continues to evolve. Each goal and strategy was developed with Madison Care’s social marketing group to ensure a strong youth and family voice.

Hero Builders banner

Cherokee Nation HERO Project, OK: Cherokee Nation HERO Project Social Marketing Plan

The HERO project developed and implemented a social marketing plan spanning across Cherokee Nation’s 14-county jurisdiction area. The plan includes tactics such as Awareness Day events, infographics, digital stories, HERO Project Newsletters, and photo voice projects to bring awareness to children and youth’s mental health.

Category: Strategy – Partnership Development

Why I Partner With Youth banner

Texas System of Care, TX: Why I Partner with Youth—My Story In Pictures

Texas System of Care’s “Why I Partner with Youth—My Story in Pictures” helped youth-serving professionals across Texas understand the critical importance of including youth in meaningful decision-making through authentic youth-adult partnerships. The project helps support the development of youth voice initiatives across the state, including that of ACCEPT, a statewide group of youth and young adults who work together for system transformation.

It Takes A Village Banner

Rural Counties Initiative–Central Plains Center, TX: It Takes A Village: Cops, Kids, and Mental Health

Rural Counties Initiative’s event, “It Takes A Village: Cops, Kids, and Mental Health,” encouraged and showcased partnerships and collaborative work between first responders, mental health providers, child-serving agencies, community organizations, youth, and families.

Motorcyclists holding "Your Life Matters" banner

Children, Youth and Families Department–Behavioral Health Services, NM: New Mexico’s Black Dog Ride

New Mexico’s Black Dog Ride was a unique event that merged efforts from various organizations throughout the state. The event offered Mental Health First Aid trainings throughout New Mexico to increase awareness of mental health concerns. Friends, families, and community groups affected by suicide were invited to attend and shared powerful words at the ride.

Florida Systems of Care banner

The Florida Department of Children and Families, FL: Building Systems of Care Summit

The Florida Department of Children and Families organized a Building Systems of Care Summit, which focused on training and technical assistance related to building systems of care in Florida. More than 150 representatives from state agencies across Florida, Medicaid managed care organizations, behavioral health managing entities, community-based care organizations, and local systems of care, as well as providers, judges, caregivers, and youth, attended the event.

Last Updated: 09/28/2017