Awareness Day 2018 Activities

Awareness Day 2018 was on Thursday, May 10. Here is a sample of how communities honored the observance.

Every year, communities create new and inspiring ways to observe National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. More than 1,100 events, including health fairs, educational forums, and mental health first aid trainings, take place on Awareness Day and throughout the month of May.



The Riverside University Health System–Behavioral Health in Riverside, California, is hosting the Directing Change Program & Film Contest as part of their Mental Health Awareness Day. The program offers young people the exciting opportunity to participate in the movement by creating 60-second films about suicide prevention and mental health that are used to support awareness, education, and advocacy efforts on these topics. Learning objectives surrounding mental health and suicide prevention are integrated into the submission categories of the film contest, giving young people the opportunity to critically explore these topics. Program participants—whether they are making a film, acting as an adult advisor, or judging the films—are exposed to appropriate messaging about these topics, warning signs, how to appropriately respond to someone in distress, where to seek help, as well as how to stand up for others who are experiencing a mental health challenge. In addition, schools and organizations are offered free prevention programs and educational resources. The program is wrapped up with an award ceremony night that highlights selected winners.

The System of Care Tule River Tribe of California in Porterville is planning their community event, “Breaking the Stigmatization of Mental Health Awareness Day.”

East Bay Agency for Children–Trauma Transformed in Oakland, California, is planning a Mental Health Wellness and Healing Day pop-up.

In partnership with local Early Head Start efforts and in recognition of May 10 being Mother’s Day throughout many Latin-American countries, Project ABC–Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California, will be creating a wellness event for mothers and young children. They will invite more than 150 families to come together. Mothers will participate in activities including learning about the impact of their own mental health on their child’s wellbeing and about strategies to promote relationship building and activities to support their children’s mental health.


The Colorado Department of Human Services/COACT Colorado 2.0 in Denver, Colorado, is supporting a state supported research forum on May 17, 2018. The presentation will provide participants with different ways to support high risk youth or youth with complex needs to remain safely in the community. A mobile response and stabilization strategy will be explored. In addition, they are working with their newly contracted social marketing vendor to put together a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Toolkit with options for creating, supporting, and marketing a local event in a subgrantee community.


The CT Network of Care Transformation Grant in Farmington, Connecticut, is hosting an event at their CME on May 10. They have invited family members and various partners and providers to watch the Awareness Day livestream together. They will also provide an opportunity to talk as a way of kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month.


In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month (May), One Community Partnership 2–Broward County, Florida, in Fort Lauderdale and its partners will be hosting its 3rd Annual Wellness Day event.

This year's event will focus on trauma and how its physical and emotional effects can impact one’s health across a lifetime. Youth and families will be treated to original music by Face Tha Musik with performers from Youth M.O.V.E. Broward and a special guest speaker. The performance will be followed by a “Wellness Champions Award Recognition” ceremony that will recognize young people, families, and community members who make a difference through their work and personal stories of hope and strength. In addition, OCP2 will be supporting Youth M.O.V.E. Broward as they host a creative art exhibition entitled “Reflect: Healing through Art.”

Orange County Government Wraparound Orange in Orlando, Florida, will host a series of lunch and learn sessions focusing on CIT training, how to tie CLC into mental health, how trauma manifests itself in women, and mothers caring for a child with a behavioral health issue. This session will consist of several empowerment and self-care activities to support and nurture them. In addition, they are working with their statewide system of care communities to collaborate on messaging and collaborative activities that tie into the national event’s messaging.

The Jacksonville System of Care Expansion Grant in Jacksonville, Florida, is launching an LGBTQIA+ virtual resource website with community partners.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month (May), One Community Partnership 2 in Lauderhill, Florida, along with Broward Behavioral Health Coalition, Broward County Department of Human Services, and United Way of Broward County Commission on Behavioral Health & Drug Prevention, will be hosting its Third Annual Wellness Day event. This year’s theme will focus on trauma and how its physical and emotional effects can impact one’s health across a lifetime. Youth and families will be treated to original music by “Face Tha Musik” with performers from Youth M.O.V.E. Broward and a special guest speaker. The performance will be followed by a “Wellness Champions Award Recognition” ceremony that will recognize young people, families, and community members who make a difference through their work and personal stories of hope and strength. 

Seminole System of Care in Sanford, Florida, will be hosting a youth-led panel discussion on May 10 at the monthly MyLIFE meeting. Five to 10 students will host the panel to better educate adults, family, and community members on children’s mental health and how they can best help their local youth. They will have prepared questions to start off the discussion and then lead into audience questions, allowing the youth to take the floor.


There will be a proclamation signing at Para I Famagu'on/icareguam’s governor’s complex, a “Public Open House” outreach event at a local mall, and several in-school presentations.


In Honolulu, Hawaii, the Kaeru Services of the Hawaii Department of Health is organizing a sign-waving at the state capitol building, having a proclamation signed by their governor, lighting up the IBM building in green, doing outreach through event tabling, and possibly placing a media piece.


Madison Cares in Rexburg, Idaho, has partnered with their local hospital and university and will be organizing a Community Wellness Weekend. This will be a two-day event to connect their community with local providers and educate them with local professionals.

The first day will be a vendor fair with more than 80 local providers. About 15 of these each year end up being mental health providers/advocates in the area, such as private providers, NAMI, Suicide Prevention Action Network, and the Idaho Federation of Families. They also use this as an opportunity to have more than 20 free screenings available for children, youth, and adults.

The second day will be a wellness conference with three speakers and then a community conversation. The topics of their speakers are as follows: Suicide Prevention: What You Should Know, Mental Illness: Choices Other Than “Buck Up” or “Medicaid,” and Learning About and Living with Mental Illness: When You or Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness. The community conversation topics are: Bereavement and Support: Finding Sources of Strength, Optimism and Hope: Maximizing Personal Wellness Stages, Seasons: Navigating Changes, and Trauma and Crisis: Dealing with Despair.

They also plan to launch an online campaign during Mental Health Awareness Week featuring the TEDx talk of a local youth speaker. You can find the talk here:


Project Connect 2.0–Egyptian Health Department in Eldorado, Illinois, will host four NCMHAD Walk the Block Events, distribute “I Support Mental Health Awareness” posters to businesses in the communities they serve, and display yard campaign signs with mental health awareness stats and messages. In addition, they will partner with local area high school baseball teams for Green Sleeves for Mental Health and with the Southeastern Illinois Community Health Coalition for the Rails to Trails Quarter Marathon and 6.5K Walk for Children’s Mental Health Awareness. They will also have mayor proclamations for NCMHAD.

Illinois United for Youth in Chicago, Illinois, is hosting activities and events at their Chicago and Springfield offices. They have requested that the governor to sign their proclamation and are in the process of having city and state landmarks lit up green on May 10. There will be a stakeholder’s breakfast discussing building resiliency following trauma, policy forum rally, panel discussion, and luncheon with legislators and families with lived experience. They will be posting to their website as well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with plans for a media event. A lunch and learn will also occur at the Springfield office.

The Lake County System of Care for Families in Waukegan, Illinois, is partnering with NAMI to present “Ending the Silence.” This is a presentation for youth ages 13–18 as well as caregivers and anyone who works with or knows youth who have a mental illness. The presentation consists of a video and a youth speaker describing their experience with mental illness and their journey to recovery. The program is designed to promote seeking support and reduce discrimination about mental illness. Caregivers will receive a presentation about how to support youth with mental illnesses and how to seek support for themselves as well. 


The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction/IN System of Care Expansion Grant in Indianapolis, Indiana, will hold their second annual “Youth Mental Health Matters” Art Contest this year. They received 134 submissions from 19 schools. They also provided mini-grants throughout the state to communities/agencies to support activities for children’s mental health awareness during May. The activities funded include a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day luncheon for community leaders, providing RemedyLIVE’s Get Schooled Tour to middle and high school students, implementation of PBIS framework within a school, a media campaign to increase awareness and prevention of youth suicide, and multiple community events to raise awareness of community resources, increase knowledge, and encourage positive social support around mental health and substance misuse issues to reduce the discrimination that prevents individuals from seeking help or treatment.

The Source–Elkhart County System of Care in Elkhart, Indiana, is bringing in Sasha Mudlaff, co-author/contributor to the book, A Terrible Thing Happened for three days to present at local elementary schools and meet with teachers and counselors after school. She will also be participating in an evening event for parents and guardians to learn more about trauma. It will cover the symptoms of trauma and the things people can do to live healthier lives after the trauma.


Kansas System of Care of Topeka, Kansas, will be hosting the SAMHSA webcast and organizing subsequent art shows for system of care youth about mental health awareness.


The Anne Arundel County, MD RESPOND Grant in Annapolis, Maryland, will be hosting a community children’s mental health resource fair which will also include a panel presentation. First Lady Yumi Hogan will also be speaking at the event and they will be presenting her with an award for her work in children’s mental health.

BRIDGE Project of Baltimore, Maryland, will be sharing information about Awareness Day and resources via social media as well as submitting editorials to local papers. They have an awards ceremony planned to honor a pediatrician and a family court judge who have been prominent advocates for children’s mental health. 

Carroll County Health Department/E-SMART in Westminster, Maryland, will co-host Big Truck Night, an event put on by the Judy Center Partnership, one of their partners. They are joining in their event to promote community partnerships and to spread information about their Bureau (Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery), Children’s Mental Health Matters, Mental Health First Aid, and Youth Mental Health First Aid. The event itself will feature various types of trucks and tractors for children to explore. 


Cambridge Health Alliance of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is reaching out to their system partners to share information about National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and about local, state, and national resources. They are also updating their website to include new material created for Awareness Day, as well as posting on their partners’ social media sites and in local community support buildings and facilities. Lastly, they are distributing information and resources about children’s mental health through their pediatric clinic sites.

Boston Public Health Commission/MA Multi-City Young Children’s SOC Project in Boston, Massachusetts, has a multi-part plan to celebrate Awareness Day. They have a local system of care meeting in Boston that is doing a three-month focus on awareness, local partners and sites are working on site-based activities at health centers and other community spaces, and they are partnering with other local organizations for an event the second week in May that brings in community members and professionals.


The American Indian Health & Family Services/“Pii Maamwinokiyaang Miidash Nibwaakaayaang” When We Work Together, Then We Are Wise System of Care Implementation Grant of Detroit, Michigan, is planning to provide GLS screenings at their event.

Community Family Partnership in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is planning on having parents and caregivers create buttons that display anti-mental health discrimination graphics or messages. These buttons will then be placed in baskets and distributed to various child-serving providers with a flyer that outlines what National Mental Health Awareness Day is and how everyone can work together to reduce discrimination. Those who take a button will be encouraged to take a selfie or photo of their team wearing their button. The photos will be posted on social media to spread the message.

Kalamazoo Wraps in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is holding their 13th Annual Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Carnival and expects to see up to 4,000 people there. This year’s event will continue to focus on education regarding children’s mental health, wellness, and awareness of the services and resources available for youth and their families, as well as reducing the discrimination surrounding mental health issues. 

MYalliance System of Care in Muskegon, Michigan, is doing a month-long Resilience Series featuring partner events, film screenings, and educational trainings. They are culminating the month-long Resilience Series with a state-wide conference on veteran resilience as well as two presentations with Dr. Vincent Felitti, the co-principal investigator of the original ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Study. Dr. Felitti will be the lunch time keynote speaker for the Veteran's Conference. He will speak about childhood trauma, ACEs and their impact on adults, and how to build resilience. 

In collaboration with the Saginaw Health Equity Committee, the Saginaw MAX System of Care in Saginaw, Michigan, will sponsor a webinar titled, “A Cross Systems Approach to Keeping Kids Safe” featuring Dr. Gloria Morrow, Director of Behavioral Health at Golden Shore Medical Group. 


NFusion X Crossover (Weems Community Mental Health) in Meridian, Mississippi, will host a family game night—a two-hour community wide event that involves community stakeholders, youth, and families. The purpose of the game night is to involve community, youth, and families and bring increased awareness and understanding to different mental health issues. This game night will also help increase knowledge and awareness of a range of mental health issues that impact youth and help decrease misperceptions that surround mental health, especially as it relates to children’s mental health. The family game night will have different teams that compete in rounds answering trivia questions as well as different facts about mental health. At the end of each round, there will be short public service announcements on different issues as they relate to children’s mental health awareness.

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health in Jackson, Mississippi, will partner with Canopy Children’s Solutions to present the 2018 Children’s Mental Health Summit on May 10–11. The preconference on May 10 will offer numerous opportunities to hear from leading experts in the fields of social work and mental health. On May 11, national speaker Dr. Scott Miller will describe skills participants need to have to create positive outcomes.

Mississippi BuDS of Jackson, Mississippi, will hold a Children’s Health Fair that includes mental health and vision screenings as well as other activities.

NFusion Desoto of Southaven, Mississippi, is having a poster contest surrounding an anti-bullying campaign—Don't Stand By, Stand Up. Winners will be selected by the local Governance Council and will have their artwork displayed in public areas. The overall winner will have t-shirts with their artwork printed on it. Proceeds from the shirts will go to Andy’s Voice, a local nonprofit set up by a parent whose son recently completed suicide due to bullying. A rally will be held at the YMCA where the winner of the contest will be announced and Andy’s father will speak.

NFusion Metro of Jackson, Mississippi, is partnering with NAMI Mississippi, Alpha Kappa Alpha Rho Lambda Omega Chapter, and Hinds Behavioral Health Services Region 9 in “NFusing the Gap and Stopping the Stigma” at their event. The purpose of this event is to aid in the removal of the discrimination related to emotional, behavioral, and mental health treatment in youth and young adults while cultivating self-acceptance and fostering harmonious relationships in a community-based environment. 


St. Louis Region System of Care in St. Louis, Missouri, is collaborating with the regional efforts to plan a Healthy Family Festival. This is a local event geared toward celebrating families. In addition to activities, service providers will also be sharing resources, connecting families with screenings, and providing health services through two mobile units. Their System of Care Family Leadership Cabinet will participate by hosting a resource table, which will be an opportunity for new families to connect to the cabinet. 

In Jefferson City and Springfield, Missouri, SOC-CESS Joplin will hold its 6th Annual Block Party on May 10. Agencies within the community will provide resources to youth and family who attend. Compass Health Network will host the Happy Feet 5K Run or 1 Mile Walk on May 19. In addition, the Department of Mental Health Division of Behavioral Health will host the 1st Annual Raise a Kite...Raise Awareness event in St. Louis on May 6. Individuals are encouraged to wear green to show their support.


In the days leading up to Awareness Day, Fort Belknap Tiwahe Initiative in Harlem, Montana, will have a motivational speaker visit the local schools to speak to their youth. On Awareness Day, a reservation-wide Healing Walk/Run/Ride will take place beginning on the south side of the reservation in Hays and ending in the Mission Canyon. Horseback riders will carry an eagle staff throughout the ride and there will be designated walk/run areas in each of the four reservation communities for the public to participate. The Healing Walk/Run/Ride will end with a balloon release and a community feed.

Fort Peck Tribes/Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center in Poplar, Montana, will have a Creator’s Game Family Healing Camp.


NeSOC of Lincoln, Nebraska, is partnering with family-led organizations and a local motorcycle club to recreate the Pony Express, bringing letters from families to the state capital regarding youth mental health.

Santee Sioux Nation Society of Care in Niobrara, Nebraska, serves Native American children, youth, families, and communities throughout Nebraska and northeast Kansas. They are planning a health fair with information and activities, creator’s game (lacrosse) exhibition with information available for participants and viewers, and traditional crafts with linkage to the health benefits of traditional practices.


The Nevada System of Care in Las Vegas, Nevada, is working with parent partners, Nevada PEP, and their Youth M.O.V.E. Nevada chapter to live tweet and post on Facebook during the Awareness Day events in both Carson City and Las Vegas. They will be photographing people with the Children’s Mental Health Awareness banners across the state as well as participating in a two-day Children’s Mental Health Summit hosted in Clark County. They will also produce a special version of their monthly newsletter to promote the day.

New Mexico

New Mexico NM AWARE in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is partnering with Bernalillo County to have a May mental health month in Albuquerque. Mental health, substance abuse, and other providers and stakeholders attend this event to raise awareness and provide resources for those in need.

New York

Cayuga County Community Mental Health Center FAST of Auburn, New York, is planning a day-long forum to include trauma training at the Auburn Public Theater, a community not-for-profit venue in downtown Auburn.

NYS Office of Mental Health/NYS Youth & Families ACHIEVE system of care in Albany, New York, holds a “What’s Great in Our State” event annually, where keynote speakers highlight a topic based on the theme at an afternoon event on May 8. This year, they are recognizing five individuals and providers across the state that best embody the theme “Healthy Minds, Healthy Children.” The event will follow a two-day Families Together conference where family and youth peer advocates and direct recipients of services gather to share information and learn best practices.

OnCare in Syracuse, New York, will have several activities tentatively planned throughout the month, including a movie screening andtalent showcase.

Chautauqua Tapestry in Mayville, New York, will be partnering with the Jamestown Post Journal and the Dunkirk Observer for a month-long Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month ad campaign. Each day in May, their local partners are featured in a full-page ad in addition to ads featuring Tapestry’s initiatives and a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day ad on May 10. On May 12, they will be holding the 12th Annual Green Ribbon Gala led by Family Peer Support Services. This is a family event to support the community in the fight against discrimination and to help raise mental health awareness. Attendees are invited to bring members of their entire family and a dish to share for a communal meal. 

North Carolina

The Partners Behavioral Health Management/SOC Expansion Grant in Gastonia, North Carolina, will be featured at Family Fest—a celebration of learning, health, and their community. The goal is to provide a day to bring families and the community together to raise awareness of the services and activities available in Iredell County. SOC Expansion Grant will have a table at this event. They will have flyers, information, and people at the table to answer any questions the communities and providers may have.

The Lincoln Child Collaborative is having its own table with the providers that are at the collaborative. They will bring also reading books about the misperceptions of mental health, as well as using the IC Hope program.


Stark Mental Health & Addiction Recovery in Canton, Ohio, is celebrating Awareness Day through the creation of a live photo mosaic at a local mall. “Erase the Stigma” will be transformed to “HOPE,” and coffee sleeves with the National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day banner on one side and a positive quote on the other will be distributed to local participating coffee shops. Other events include the distribution of 100 Anchor Boxes throughout Stark County, a simultaneous green balloon launch from participating county schools, and social media posts.


Oklahoma Systems of Care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will be hosting their annual Oklahoma Children’s Behavioral Health Conference.


The Erie County system of care in Erie, Pennsylvania, has partnered with NAMI of Erie to conduct lunch and learn sessions as part of their “Let’s Talk About It” campaign. They have been offering the sessions to students and teachers in schools. All attendees receive mental health awareness materials and fact sheets. They have also launched a Green Ribbon campaign to help visually raise awareness at various public places.

On Awareness Day, they plan to have a proclamation made by their county executive, a presentation from city council, and a free Trauma 101 training presented by the Erie Coalition for a Trauma-Informed Community. They also have asked groups of youth to complete an art project in the weeks leading up to May 10—each group will get a puzzle piece template and supplies to create their interpretation of trauma, mental illness, or misperceptions. All pieces will be fixed together and displayed at the main event. In the evening, their youth and family groups will join forces to host an awareness walk. The courthouse will be lit up in green for the occasion.

The Erie-Luzerne System of Care Initiative in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, has been promoting our Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day event at all trainings and other scheduled system of care events. They are sending literature home to all their families via flyers through a Creative Art Contest. Their Awareness Day will include an award ceremony for this contest along with speakers, literature, and more.

Helping BC SCORES in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, will be holding a Youth Ambassador event on April 25, where 15 school districts and up to 200 youth representatives will participate. The youth will learn about National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day and will plan activities to take back to their school districts.

The Philadelphia System of Care will hold an event on May 9 at the School District of Philadelphia. This will include break-out sessions, resources for parents and families, a mental health first aid presentation, and a presentation of a poster contest about children’s mental health. There will be another event on May 10 outside at the Thomas Paine Plaza in Center City Philadelphia featuring a resource fair, informational opportunity, music, speakers, and more.

BHARP of State College, Pennsylvania, is planning two lunch and learns for families, a youth mental health Awareness Day activity at a local school, and an assembly at the school on bullying awareness as well as an evening community awareness event after the school assembly. There is also a Walk for Recovery and two meetings scheduled with local county commissioners and legislators on updates for systems of care.

The PA System of Care Partnership/Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will be having their annual Mental Health Awareness Fair: “We Are Better Together: Partnering for Health and Hope.” They will have vendors and tables from various behavioral health agencies, SAMHSA grants, state agencies, and others who are invested in children’s behavioral health. They will also have guest speakers from their Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and others who will discuss behavioral health.

Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, a walk will take place on May 10 in the community with young people, families, and staff from the Iniciativa III Mayguez system of care. There will also be a press conference to communicate about the system of care, the observance of Awareness Day, the theme, and the importance of trauma-informed care, as well as a health fair with an information table during the month of May.


This year will be the CHCC–CGC Systems of Care in Saipan’s first time celebrating Awareness Day. They will have events throughout the month of May.

South Carolina

Federation of Families of SC in Columbia, South Carolina, is hosting their first annual Columbia Wave Fest. This event is an opportunity to educate the community on the resources available for children, youth, and families impacted by emotional and behavioral health challenges. They serve as messengers of hope by letting everyone know that recovery is possible.

South Dakota

Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi in Mission, South Dakota, will be partnering with local programs to host an event in honor of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Each program will have their own booth and will provide trademark items and/or an activity. They will have a cookout and invite mascots from the schools, firehouse, and police department. They will distribute t-shirts to the community with a simple statement on the back: “Our trauma is what happened to us, NOT what defines us. Our culture, our ways, and working with all of creation can help guide us to heal our children, families, and community.”


Tennessee Voices for Children/System of Care Across Tennessee in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, has coordinated with at least 30 county and city governments to secure signed proclamations recognizing May 10, 2018, as Awareness Day. Governor Bill Haslam has also signed a proclamation recognizing May 10 at CMHA Day across the state of Tennessee.

To further emphasize the significance of these proclamations and the work supporting children’s mental health in all of these areas, they are launching a video PSA that will feature family, youth, and provider faces reading the full proclamation language. They have also been working with state and local governments to light up landmarks in green for the month of May in observance of Awareness Day. They will share pictures of these landmarks using the hashtag #MakeTNGreen on social media. 

Tennessee Voices for Children’s staff and board members will share personal videos every other day during May on their social media channels that will support the Child Mind Institute’s #SpeakUpForKids campaign. Each video will feature a 30-second clip of a different person sharing what they would like to say to their younger self regarding managing their mental and behavioral health. 

At their community events planned for the month, they will host a “green carpet” complete with a step-and-repeat for families, youth, and community members to pose in front of for photos. 

In east and middle Tennessee, there will be an informative event called “Kid Power” featuring community partners and another event being planned with Tennessee Voices for Children, the TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and the Healthy Transitions Initiative Statewide Young Adult Leadership Council, which is compiled of youth and young adults who work to combat discrimination and raise awareness of mental health services across the state. 


The Central Plains Center/Rural Counties Initiative for Resiliency and Recovery in Plainview, Texas, will be putting on a “Flight 2 Freedom: Help and Hope After Trauma” presentation and butterfly release during their local police department’s Cops and Kids event. After that, they will have a booth with local mental health and recovery resources and giveaways. Because this event falls in April, they plan to do other social media outreach activities and a smaller event in May.

Klaras Center for Families in Waco, Texas, will be going to a different school every day of the week to present material for mental health awareness.

Bexar CARES of San Antonio, Texas, will be supporting local nonprofits and schools to host mental health awareness events during May 2018.

Family Connection of Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Texas, is hosting speakers, having a walk around the court house, having a “release” of paper butterflies, mental health resource tables, music, activities, and more.


In collaboration with the NW Community Services Board, UMFS Systems of Care Grant, Northwest Region in Alexandria, Virginia, is partnering with the Children’s Discovery Museum on Sunday, May 20 from 1–5 p.m. Families and community members will be invited to come and enjoy the museum, participate in activities, receive free mental health screenings, and more.

UMFS Eastern Region Systems of Care in Norfolk, Virginia, plan to celebrate Awareness Day by promoting a “Wear Green Day” and providing self care kits to Treatment Foster Care Parents and foster care youth, accompanied with informational resources promoting mental health wellness.

Last Updated: 04/17/2019