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The aim of this narrative review was to identify and evaluate publicly available, psychometrically tested tools that primary care providers can use to screen adult patients for common mental and substance use disorders such as depression, anxiety, and alcohol use disorders.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health
| Report Date September 15, 2017

This study will examine the associations between motivations for misuse of prescription medications and sociodemographic factors, SUD, MDE, mental illness, and suicidal ideation.

To determine whether the changes to the psychiatric Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes implemented in 2013 were associated with changes in types of services for which psychiatrists billed.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health
| Report Date July 4, 2017

This analysis will examine the overlap of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol use among youth in the US. DuPont had requested this analysis, Han rightly suggested an article with DuPont included as author.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health, National Mental Health Services Survey
| Report Date June 1, 2017

Methodological development of estimators of mental illness and their standard errors