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DAWN | Drug Abuse Warning Network
Collected Date: 2005-2010
Report Type: Short Report

This Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) short report shows the estimated number of emergency room visits involving attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder stimulant medications between 2005 and 2010. The report shows visits for nonmedical use, adverse reactions, visits involving other pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs or alcohol.

NSDUH | National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Collected Date: 2005
Report Type: Data Table

These are the 2005 national-level detailed tables for NSDUH.  
     Illicit Drug Use Tables - 1.1 to 1.132
     Tobacco Product and Alcohol Use Tables - 2.1 to 2.114
     Risk and Protective Factors Tables - 3.1 to 3.69
     Incidence Tables - 4.1 to...