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DAWN | Drug Abuse Warning Network
Collected Date: 2005-2011
Report Type: Short Report

This Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) short report shows the estimated number of emergency department visits involving phencyclidine (PCP) between 2005 and 2011. The report specifically talks about age groups, gender and other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and pharmaceuticals and trends over time.

NSDUH | National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Collected Date: 2006
Report Type: Data Table

These are the 2006 NSDUH national detailed tables with the following sections:
    Illicit Drug Use Tables - 1.1 to 1.92
    Tobacco Product and Alcohol Use Tables - 2.1 to 2.84
    Risk and Protective Factors Tables - 3.1 to 3.24
    Incidence Tables -...