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MH-CLD | Mental Health Client-Level Data
Collected Date: 2017
Report Type: Annual Report

This report presents results from the Mental Health Client-Level Data (MH-CLD) and Mental Health Treatment Episode Data Set (MH-TEDS) for individuals receiving mental health services from state mental health systems in 2017, as well as selected trends in data collected from such individuals between 2014 and 2017. The report provides...

URS | Uniform Reporting System
Collected Date: 2018
Report Type: State Report, Data Table, Annual Report

These are the 2018 Uniform Reporting System (URS) Output Tables. URS is a state, national, and territories reporting system collected annually to support the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant program. State Mental Health Authorities report on National Outcome Measures (NOMS), evidence based practices, and utilization measures providing an overview...

N-MHSS | National Mental Health Services Survey
Collected Date: 2019
Report Type: Other Report or Document Type

The National Directory of Mental Health Treatment Facilities - 2019 is a listing of federal, state, and local government facilities and private facilities that provide mental health treatment services. It includes treatment facilities that responded to the 2018 National Mental Health Services Survey (N-MHSS). The information about each facility that...

NSDUH | National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Collected Date: 2015
Report Type: Data Review or Analytical Report

This report presents findings from the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) with a focus on comparing estimates related to substance use and mental health for military family members (spouses and children) with general population estimates. The numbers of military family members included in the 2015 NSDUH...