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Non-SAMHSA Data Set
Collected Date: 1997-2006
Report Type: Short Report

This study used data from the public use files of the 1997 to 2004 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which were linked to death certificate data from the 1997 to 2006 National Death Index (NDI), to assess the association between psychological distress and mortality. This study summarizes results presented in...

TEDS | Treatment Episode Data Set
Collected Date: 2000-2010
Report Type: Short Report

A Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) report that provides a unique national perspective of the characteristics associated with people coming to substance abuse treatment with concurrent benzodiazepine and narcotic pain reliever abuse, using data from 2000-2010.

TEDS | Treatment Episode Data Set, N-SSATS | National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
Collected Date: 1996-2010
Report Type: Short Report

This is a Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) and National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) short report about the online analytic tools users can access to explore data on US substance abuse admissions and facilities. This spotlight is a multi-year analysis that covers 1992-2010 TEDS and 1997-2010 N-SSATS.