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National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS)

The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) is an annual census of treatment facilities. Information is collected on the location, organization, structure, services, and utilization of substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States. The data are used for program administration and policy analysis.

Data Source


The National Substance Use and Mental Health Services Survey (N-SUMHSS) replaced the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) and the National Mental Health Services Survey (N-MHSS) in 2021 by combining questions for substance use and mental health facilities. The N-SSATS and N-MHSS were combined to reduce burden on the facilities, optimize government resources to collect data, and enhance the quality of data collected.

Prior to 2021, the objectives of the N-SSATS were to:

  • Collect data that can be used to assist SAMHSA and state and local governments in assessing the nature and extent of the services provided and in forecasting treatment resource requirements,
  • Analyze general treatment services trends, and
  • Form the Inventory of Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment Facilities (I-TF).

Where Do the Data Come From?

N-SSATS is an annual survey of all known public and private substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States. N-SSATS collects three types of information from facilities:

  • The characteristics of individual facilities, including types of treatment provided and services offered, operation of the facility (public or private), and special programs or groups provided for specific client types. It also includes client outreach and payment options.
  • Client count information, which includes counts of clients served by service type and the number of beds designated for treatment.
  • General information, including licensure, certification, accreditation, and facility website availability.


Annual Report

Description: Annual reports are produced every year, presenting information from a single data source.
Location: National
Format: PDF

Data Review

Description: These reports focus on providing in-depth analysis on a specific subset compared to a larger dataset.
Location: National
Format: PDF or HTML

National Directories

Description: The National Directories are listings of federal, state, and local government facilities and private facilities that provide treatment services for substance use or mental disorders. Each Directory is ordered alphabetically by state, by city within each state, and by facility name within each city.
Location: National
Format: PDF or HTML

State Profile

Description: These reports present data on a single state or territory, and they may be released as a stand-alone publication or a recurring report.
Location: National, states, substates, or metro area
Format: PDF or HTML
2019 N-SSATS State Profiles
2018 N-SSATS State Profiles
2012 NSSATS State Profiles
2011 NSSATS State Profiles
2010 NSSATS State Profiles

Public Use Files

Time period: 2020
Collection date: March 31, 2020 through December 14, 2020

Dataset Downloads

Quick Statistics

These state profiles include data from facilities that are reported to the N-SSATS and N-MHSS surveys.