N-MHSSNational Mental Health Services Survey

Data on Mental Health Facilities

The National Mental Health Services Survey (N-MHSS) is an annual survey. It is designed to collect statistical information on the services and features of all known mental health treatment facilities in the United States. This includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories. Every other year, starting in 2014, N-MHSS also collects information on the numbers and demographics of persons served in these treatment centers.

This survey is the only source of national- and state-level data on the mental health services delivery system reported by both publicly and privately operated specialty mental health treatment facilities. They include:

  • Public and private psychiatric hospitals
  • Nonfederal general hospitals with separate psychiatric units
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers
  • Residential treatment centers for children and adults
  • Community mental health centers
  • Outpatient, day treatment, or partial hospitalization mental health facilities
  • Multisetting (nonhospital) mental health facilities

N-MHSS complements the information gathered through the National Survey of Substance AbuseTreatment Services (N-SSATS). N-SSATS is SAMHSA’s survey of substance abuse treatment facilities. Information from the N-MHSS is used to populate the mental health section of SAMHSA's online Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator.

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