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Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)

When undergoing substance abuse treatment, individual people can be admitted and discharged from treatment multiple times. The Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) system comprises demographic and drug history information about these individuals.

Data Source


TEDS-A records the admissions, and TEDS-D records the discharges. The two data sets are separate but linkable. TEDS-A data collection began in 1992, and TEDS-D began in 2000. These data sets include:

  • Data for individuals who are 12 years old or older
  • Records for an admission or discharge, not for individual people
  • Demographic information, such as age, sex, race/ethnicity, and employment status
  • Substance abuse characteristics, such as substances used, age at first use, route of use, frequency of use, and number of previous admissions

Where Do the Data Come From?

TEDS compiles client-level data for substance abuse treatment admissions from state agency data systems. State data systems collect data from facilities about their admissions to treatment and discharges from treatment.

Many of the facilities that report TEDS data receive state funds or federal block grant funds to provide alcohol and drug treatment services. State laws require substance abuse treatment programs to report publicly funded admissions. Some states only collect data on publicly funded admissions. Other states can collect privately funded admissions from facilities that receive public funding. States then report these data from their state administrative systems to SAMHSA.

Recently, several new data elements were added to TEDS to provide National Outcome Measures (NOMs). Nearly all states are currently providing the TEDS admission and discharge data, including the NOMs data elements. States not currently submitting both admission and discharge data are expected to begin submitting complete TEDS data soon.


Annual Report

Description: Annual reports are produced every year, presenting information from a single data source.
Location: National
Format: PDF
TEDS 2011 Discharges
TEDS 2010 Discharges

Annual Detailed Tables

Description: The Annual Detailed Tables provide data on age, sex, race, and ethnicity of admissions to and discharges from substance use treatment services. The TEDS data set can also observe these demographic categories across National Outcome Measures (NOMs). Data presented in the tables provide consolidated information about access to substance use treatment services across the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico among clients aged 12 years and older in facilities that report to singe state agencies.
Location: National
Format: PDF

Data Review

Description: These reports focus on providing in-depth analysis on a specific subset compared to a larger dataset.
Location: National
Format: PDF or HTML

Public Use Files

Time period: 2021
Collection date: 2021

Dataset Documentation

Dataset Downloads

Quick Statistics

TEDS Quick Statistics include quarterly updated admission and discharge data on clients aged 12 years and older by primary substance use, gender, age, race, and ethnicity.