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I am new to NSDUH. Where do I start?

If you are looking for common, national statistics, try the NSDUH Annual National Report.

For basic Information on survey methodology, try the Methodological Summary and Definitions report. More detailed methodology reports are available from the Methodological Research Books for each year.

For detailed national statistics, try the annual NSDUH Detailed Tables.

To create simple custom tables online, try the Data Analysis System (DAS).

For basic state and sub-state statistics, try the annual State or Substate Specific Tables, or regional Behavioral Health Barometer reports. The tables can also be viewed with this interactive tool.

To access microdata for detailed analyses, see if the public use files (PUFs) meet your needs.

Finally, if you need to access the restricted version of the microdata, you can apply for access to restricted use NSDUH data through the interagency Standard Application Process (SAP) portal.

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