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What questions were administered related to the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic? When were they added to NSDUH?

Starting in quarter 4 of 2020, NSDUH included several questions directly or indirectly related to the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. These questions continued to be asked in the 2021, 2022, 2023 NSDUH questionnaires. Other questions were altered in response to the pandemic.

One questionnaire change due to Covid-19 is the addition of virtual treatment to several questions. NSDUH added the option of virtual treatment -- over the phone, by email, or through video calling -- to several questions on treatment type.

Additionally, people who answered yes to questions about suicidal thoughts and behavior were newly asked the follow-up question “Was this because of the COVID-19 pandemic?”

A special “Covid-19” section with eight questions was also added to the questionnaire. This module included questions about the effects of the pandemic on mental health, alcohol consumption, drug use, financial worries, homelessness, and access to mental health, substance use, and other medical treatment. Details on question wording can be found in the COVID-19 module of the questionnaire.

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